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Baristas Coffee Company Inc (OTCMKTS:BCCI) Breaks Out: What’s Driving The Stock This Time?




For more than four months, Baristas Coffee Company Inc (OTCMKTS:BCCI) struggled to trade above $0.0186 following a short-live breakout in June. However, a bull run that began in late August, interrupted by some profit taking in September, has powered Baristas to its highest watermark since May.

While Baristas might pull back a bit from its latest peak as some investors move to book profits, the stock should find support at $0.015.

A pullback from the latest high should open the door to investors who missed the initial bull run to get in, pushing the stock to even greater highs. Meanwhile, short-sellers will be scrambling to cover their short positions in Baristas as surges, and that would fuel further rally in the stock.

However, if Baristas drops below its critical support level of $0.015, then that could leave it susceptible to fresh short-seller attacks, which could in turn push the stock even lower.

Baristas has recently entered into commercial partnerships that should provide some catalytic effect for the stock.


Baristas Coffee Company has been around since 1996. It launched Innovative Communications but later rebranded to its current name in 2010.

The company operates as a specialty drive-through beverage retailer, mostly focused on coffee drinks. Baristas prides itself as the leading white coffee brand in the US. Additionally, Baristas also sells pastries and confections. True to its roots as an innovative business, Baristas has found a way to tab into the booming cannabis industry. The company now sells CBD-infused beverages, thereby expanding its product portfolio and widening its addressable market.

Recent developments at Baristas

Baristas’ latest spike can be attributed to two recent important developments.

  • Baristas signs ReelTime Media (OTCPK:RLTR) to lead its marketing campaign. Baristas has tapped ReelTime Media to help drum up publicity for its brand and products. According to a press release, ReelTime will handle all aspects multimedia campaign for Baristas across television, radio, internet, and other out of home marketing platforms. The ReelTime-led marketing campaign for Baristas will begin rolling out in November, first in Seattle, Washington. ReelTime has led marketing campaigns for Baristas before. Therefore, Baristas will be working with a marketing agency that understands its brands to lead promotion for its products for the holiday season.

“The opportunity to work on the Baristas and Ben & Jerry’s partnership as the exclusive media partner is a very big opportunity to showcase the revolutionary capabilities that ReelTime Media has to gain exposure and drive consumers to products at a fraction of the cost of placing traditional media,” CEO Barry Henthorn commented.

  • Baristas inks coffee products delivery partnership. Baristas has joined Ben & Jerry’s partnership agreement with Unilever and Ice Cream Now to tap into a delivery network that will see its coffee products delivered to customers in homes and businesses across America. The program will begin rolling out in November, starting in Seattle, Washington. This type of delivery partnership should help boost Baristas’ coffee products sale, particularly in the coming holiday season. Baristas says that 86% of American consumers use a home delivery at least once every month most because of convenience.

“This Ben & Jerry’s partnership fits very well into Baristas’ initiative to allow access to our products easily and conveniently while pairing the distribution network with one of the most iconic ice cream brands,” CEO Barry Henthorn commented.

Bottom line

Barista has taken several steps in recent months to boost its sales. In addition to the marketing campaign and delivery partnerships mentioned earlier, Baristas also sells its products through The platform reaches tens of millions of consumers around the world. Therefore, through the Amazon partnership Baristas has access to both a huge market and far-reaching advertising platform. Baristas recently extended its coffee distribution through Amazon’s Prime program to Canada.

If the steps Baristas has taken to grow its business, especially through strategic marketing and product delivery partnerships, then the latest breakout in Baristas stock may just be the beginning of a bull run.

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Disclosure: We have no position in OTCMKTS:BCCI and have not been compensated for this article.

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Can Isodiol International Inc (CNSX:ISOL)(OTCMKTS:ISOLF) Break Out From Here?



Isodiol International

Investors have jumped on Isodiol International Inc (CNSX:ISOL)(OTCMKTS:ISOLF) stock this month. The stock gained 62% on January 21, marking its best day so far in 2020. The stock has already gained 106% year-to-date. But do not think even for a minute that investors have warmed up to Isodiol stock for nothing. This is a stock with tremendous potential and at this point, the stock is just showing early signs of what is going to be a big breakout.

In case you are wondering why investors have started jostling for a piece of Isodiol early on in the year, this report answers that question and more. But before we delve into the details, it is important to first understand the company we’re discussing here.

About Isodiol International

Isodiol International is a Canadian company that has specialized in the making of pharmaceutical and consumer products derived from hemp. It makes CBD products derived from hemp grown and processed in the United States. Though Isodiol’s operations are currently concentrated in North America, the company has big expansion dreams. It has set its sights on expanding into Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

What exactly is drawing investors to Isodiol stock and why does it stand out as a good pick in the hemp/cannabis stock universe in 2020? The simple answer is that investors are beginning to realize Isodiol’s bright prospects as a CBD products company.

Isodiol bidding for…

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New Age Beverage (NASDAQ:NBEV) Solid Fundamentals Amidst Price Slump



New Age Beverage

New Age Beverage (NASDAQ:NBEV) has taken a significant beating since the start of the year. A 60% plus slide attests to a stock under immense pressure. Amidst the underperformance in the stock market, the company has continued to do exceedingly well when it comes to core business execution and operation efficiency.

New Age Beverage Catalysts And Price Analysis

 Triple-digit revenue growth is one of the developments that continues to affirm the company’s long-term prospects. The company also remains well-positioned to generate bottom-line growth backed by robust retail channels in the U.S as well as expansion in Asia. Integration of Morinda operations in China is another development likely to continue strengthening the company’s bottom line going forward.

 A spike in implied volatility in the options market is the latest development that signals a potential turnaround in the direction of trade. Huge implied volatility indicates that trade is developing. What is clear is that the stock has taken a significant hit and may be due for a correction higher, given the improving fundamentals.

Increased activity around the $2.50 Put options could signal a potential change in the direction of trade. After the recent slide lower, the stock needs to rise and find support above the $2.40 resistance level. A rally past the $2.40 level should reaffirm New Age Beverages bounce back prospects.

Above the crucial resistance level, the stock should be on its way to the…

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Charlotte’s Web Stock (TSE:CWEB) (OTCMKTS:CWBHF) Poised For Breakout And Here’s Why



Charlotte's Web Stock

Charlotte’s Web Stock (TSE:CWEB) (OTCMKTS:CWBHF) is currently at one of its lowest price levels in about five months. That is the result of a selloff that kicked off toward late September after the stock reached one of its highest watermarks at $23 in August.

You cannot rule out profit-taking as having contributed to the decline that has brought the stock to its current lows considering the stock pulled up from one of its lowest levels this year in July before the August breakout. A repeat of the August bull run that powered CWBHF to one of its highest price levels this year seems to be in the offing.

Firstly, after a string of declines for much of last week and early this week, CWBHF has begun showing signs of a comeback. The stock closed the last session (November 5), up. Now the stock has found immediate support at $10.9 from where it looks set for a powerful breakout as happened in March, June, and July.

In March, for instance, CWBHF bolted from a low of $13 on March 8 to reach its one-year peak of $25 in a space of fewer than 30 days on April 4. Profit-taking kicked off after that and the stock fell to around $10 in mid-June, from where it began rising again, topping $18.5 in early July. Investors again took profit and toward late July the stock was back down at around $13.5.…

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