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Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: CWBHF) on Track for a Record-Breaking Year



Charlotte's Web Holdings

Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: CWBHF) is on course for a record-breaking year and continues to live up to much of the expectations as one of the best stocks in the cannabis sector.

Investing in a leader of one of the rapidly growing industries across the globe makes for a significant opportunity. Investing early makes it even better. Charlotte’s stock is a leader in the US CBD market and currently trades on the CSE market in Canada and the OTC in the US.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings Price Analysis

The stock has been climbing up in the charts lately (especially the start of this year) transforming into a leader and one of the market’s most active pot stocks.

CWBHF price today.

It’s fair to say that Charlotte’s price has been relatively up and down in the past month, but it’s now getting the moment up again slowly but surely.

The company is striving to meet the ever-growing CBD product demand, and as it stands, the stock is trading at $15.30. Charlotte Web Holdings is well positioned to get on climbing the ladder given the current strength of the upward momentum.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings Brief Review

Charlotte Web is the market share leader in the hemp-derived CBD extract products. It boasts a robust pipeline of products in tinctures, capsules as well as topical products. The firm produces as well as distributes CBD wellness products to almost 3,700 retail locations.

Last year, the company had 300 acres planted with hemp which is a massive increase from 2017 whereby it had only 70 acres. That significant increase enabled the company to produce more than 675,000 pounds of hemp- 10 times more than in 2017.

Therefore, at that moment, it should be expected that 2019 will be an even better year for the cannabis firm (and early indicators are aggressive already).

Charlotte Web Holdings 2019 Outlook

There’s growing optimism that the company will register robust revenue growth this year. Besides, the company has been consistently profitable going as per the last reported quarterly results.

According to the Q4 2018 results, the company recorded organic consolidated revenue growth of 71% ($21.5 million in amount), which is an increase of 21% from the previous Q4 of 2017.

Furthermore, gross profit increased by 63% to $16.3 million. Full-year revenue was $69.5 million, up by 75% year-over-year. The company ended last year with a balance of $73.4 million as well as working capital of $93.4 million. Interestingly, it has very little debt.

Subsequently, the biggest highlight is the increased inventory meaning the company will have little problem meeting the demand. This year, the primary focus of the firm is all about retail expansion.

The 2019 consensus estimates point out that there will be a 100% increase in revenues (to about $151 million from $70.1 million of last year). Also, the EBITDA is expected to double to $55.8 million from $23.5 million of 2017.

There’s something else that should be noted, too

After evaluating the company, some companies also have recently announced adding CBD products to their stores. For instance, Walgreens (NASDAQ: WBA) and Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD) are showing some avenue for growth, hence going forward it looks to be a fragmented industry.

What Next for Charlotte’s Web Holdings

The company is getting popular with its pretty decent loyal customer base that already exists, and with the passing of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, the company will only get even more popular.

When it comes to the CBD stocks, Charlotte’s Web Holdings is undoubtedly one to beat. The company is continuously launching new products as well as ramping up marketing efforts. The company’s market dominance is fierce and last year may have looked as a record-breaking one, but as things stand, 2019 is shaping up nicely to become even better for the most active pot stock.

With the up listing seemingly looking a big move, for investors eyeing opportunities in the marijuana sector, Charlotte’s Web Holdings should be an ideal pick.

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Disclosure: We have no position in CWBHF and have not been compensated for this article.

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