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Why Buy From Marijuana Seed Banks?



marijuana seed banks

If you’re interested in growing marijuana and live in a state that allows its cultivation, then you might want to consider buying seeds from seed banks. Some of the best cannabis get cultivated outside the country, which means that, sometimes, you have to find a seed bank that ships to the US. 

There are a lot of options when it comes to sources for marijuana seeds online. However, not all of them can ship to the US due to strict regulations in the country. Thus, it’s best to find a legit seed bank that can process orders from United States customers.  

Avoid transacting with other sources aside from seed banks. If you do so, you run the risk of receiving low-quality products, wasting your money in the end. Look for a company with positive feedback and has a proven history of dealing with US customers. Some of the most popular ones include Seedsman and I Love Growing Marijuana (IGLM). You can check out GreenBudGuru’s Seedsman review and their review of other companies to find the best fit for your needs.

If you’re looking to get your seeds online, below are some reasons you should buy marijuana seeds from a trusted and reliable marijuana seed banks.

You Don’t Have Any Other Option

As mentioned above, some states in the US still don’t allow local buying and selling of marijuana, even if medical marijuana consumption has already gained momentum. If that’s the case, you don’t have any other option. What you can do instead is to buy online. 

However, make sure that you’re only going to purchase the seeds from a legit seed bank, one that follows the regulations of your government. That way, you can ensure that you’re going to get a hold of good quality weed and avoid illegal buying of street marijuana.

Most Seed Banks Can Process Orders From USA Customers

You have many options as to where you can order marijuana seeds. However, not all of them have complete documents to go through the rigorous process of shipping to the USA. 

That said, you might end up wasting your money for a low-quality weed or not receiving what you’ve ordered. Luckily for you, there are legit seed banks out there that have a wide selection of seeds that only come from specific regions around the world, and they can ship it right on your doorstep. That’s good news, especially if the seeds you want are not available or don’t get sold locally. 

Since seed banks can ship even the rare strains internationally, there’s a huge possibility that you’re going to be the only person to cultivate a particular seed in your country. What does that mean for you? Bigger Profits!

Stealth Packaging And Shipping Is Available

Some people don’t want their neighbors to find out that they’re going to a physical store to buy seeds or that they’re going to receive a marijuana package from a delivery. The stigma is there, and getting rid of it isn’t very easy. 

If you’re one of those who want to keep your transaction private, then you’ll surely like the stealth shipping and packaging option that most seed banks offer. When ordering from a seed bank online, expect your package to get completely sealed, without any description written in the box. 

Information About The Product Is Readily Available

A typical scenario in most physical stores is that the staff are almost always in a hurry. It’s understandable since physical stores get jam-packed in most days of the week. However, it’ll also mean that if you got questions about the seeds you plan of buying from them, not all of your questions get answered adequately. 

Such a problem doesn’t exist with seed banks online since all of the product information is readily available on their websites. You can easily find seed details, like germination rate, classification, and even how-to guides for planting them, taking care of the seeds, up to the ways to harvest the plants on your own.

The Possibility Of Discounted Deals Is High

If you plan to buy marijuana seeds in bulk, online seed banks can better cater to your needs since they’re used to dealing with a large number of customers. Unlike physical stores, online seed banks are also more likely to give discounts for wholesaling.

Even if you’re only going to get a small number of their products, you can find promo codes and coupons that let you save a significant amount of money from your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the things mentioned above, buying from seed banks is also more ideal since they already have established themselves in the Cannabis industry and are more likely to have a vast selection of products compared to other sources.

That said, you get to avoid the heartbreak from finding out that the seeds you want aren’t available or out of stock. 

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Online Dispensary Sales Boom – What Consumers Need to Know to Stay Safe…



online dispensary

With everything going on in the world, the trend has been to turn to online sources for ordering all of our basic human necessities. And what’s more of a necessity than weed? Your weed cravings don’t have to go unmet just because the entire world is on lockdown, and this is all thanks to online dispensaries. 

But before you jump headfirst into the world of ordering weed online, there are a few things you should know to make the most of your experience.

It’s All About Reputation

Before buying any product, it’s always a good idea to peruse through reviews. There’s no better way to get a feel for a dispensary’s reputation than to read into the thoughts and opinions of fellow customers. This will give you an idea of a dispensary’s values when it comes to product quality and variety, customer service, and pricing. 

According to Online Dispensary Canada Guide, it’s important to research the reputation of a dispensary before making a purchase. This can be done through sources like and Reddit. Try not to focus solely on the reviews directly on a dispensary’s website, but check out opinions from a variety of sources.

Quantity Isn’t Everything

We all know the phrase quality over quantity, and that phrase applies to your online weed shopping practices. Although having a variety of products to choose from is a major perk, what’s more important is the quality of the products…

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Why the ACMPR Is So Popular with Medical Marijuana Patients in Canada




Depending on your home country, accessing medical marijuana may just be easier than ever for you. This is the case for North Americans, Canadians in particular. Since the early 2000s, Canada has been successfully implementing a medical marijuana program for patients called the ACMPR. 

Although this program (also referred to as the MMPR and MMAR in the past) has been around in some form or another for decades, it is continuing to grow in popularity. But why? It’s not just because Canadians want an excuse to grow cannabis plants from home… 

What Is the ACMPR?

Before discussing the growing popularity of the ACMPR program, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what it actually is. ACMPR stands for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. For those who are eligible and have a valid medical condition that requires the use of cannabis for treatment, the ACMPR allows for easy access to cannabis. 

Not only does it allow medical patients to easily access medical-grade marijuana from licensed producers throughout the country, but it allows patients to cultivate their own plants from home. Unlike the recreational cannabis laws which allow citizens to grow no more than 4 plants from home, the ACMPR determines plant counts based on medical needs. 

Canadians who use the ACMPR license to grow from home have a predetermined plant count based on the number of grams prescribed per day. For example, if you receive a prescription…

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22nd Century Group Inc (NYSE:XXII): 3 Reasons You May Want To Buy The Stock This Month




The tobacco industry is huge and growing. The cannabis industry is already booming yet it is only in the early stages of development and the future looks incredibly bright as more countries legalize pot. 22nd Century Group Inc (NYSE:XXII) is the stock that offers investors the chance to own the best of both tobacco and cannabis worlds.

The stock currently trades at $1.00/share. But that is not where it belongs as that is its lowest watermark. As recently as September, NYSE:XXII was trading above $2.40/share.


For investors who may have just come across 22nd Century Group for the very first time, here is a brief profile of the company. 22nd Century Group is a plant biotechnology company and a leader in tobacco harm reduction. It has also set its sight on the legal hemp and cannabis industries. In the tobacco space, NYSE:XXII has developed a low-nicotine tobacco plant variety. In the hemp/cannabis space, the company is working to develop hemp and cannabis plants with specific desirable qualities.

If you are looking to have a footing in both tobacco and cannabis industries, here are three reasons you may want to buy NYSE:XXII.

  • 22nd Century Group on track to take control of CBD products maker Panacea Life Sciences

On December 3, 22nd Century…

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