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New Zealanders to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana for Recreational Use in the Next General Election



New Zealand marijuana

Finally, the decision to legalize marijuana in New Zealand has been placed on the country’s citizens. It means that New Zealand will become the first Asia-Pacific country as well as the only third across the globe to legalize pot.

Where the Journey Started

After the general election in 2017, the supply and confidence agreement between the Green party and the Labour party included the obligation for the government to have a referendum on cannabis law reform. The story was to legalize the personal use of cannabis.

The Chance has been Finally Given

After a discussion by the cabinet ministers, New Zealanders will finally have a chance to vote on legalizing cannabis in a referendum in the next general election.

According to Justice Minister Andrew Little, the referendum will be binding, as in to directly lead to the establishment of a legal cannabis market once approved.

How to Vote

The referendum will be carried out alongside the general election and voters will be asked a Yes/No question on legalizing the drug. Several other conditions are included in the draft law; they include:

  • 20 year should be the minimum age of purchasing and using cannabis
  • No advertising of cannabis products
  • Commercial supply controls that limit the use and sales of cannabis to licensed premises
  • A public education program
  • Home-growing as well as cultivation options to be limited

Things can change

It has been clearly stated that the voting will be binding simply because all the parties making the current government have agreed to respect the outcome. However, it’s not yet clear how fast the laws may soon be changed.

The general election is stipulated to take place in November 2020 which means even if a majority of voters agrees to legalize marijuana; it will be the new government to consider passing the legislation.

Interestingly, the opposition-National party is yet to confirm as to whether it’ll honor the referendum or not.

New Zealand’s Current Laws

Currently, in New Zealand, possession of any amount of marijuana is illegal. It is currently controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 with a maximum sentence for possessing it being imprisonment for not more than 3 months or $500 fine.

Cultivation of marijuana has a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment and dealing of cannabis counts for 8 years imprisonment. However, there’s an exception of prescription of medical cannabis with patients required to meet some specific criteria.

High Chances of Legalization

There have been several polling organizations that have taken opinion polls as well as surveys relating to the legislation of cannabis. The numbers suggest that there’s an increasing number in the country ready to get marijuana legalized.

For instance, it’s the most commonly used illicit drug in the country with over 80% of the nation’s folks above 21 years already tried it, and 10% using it regularly.

If New Zealand goes on to legislate cannabis, it will become the first Asia-pacific country to do so alongside Thailand that’s trying to enter into the arena. Canada, as well as some European countries like Spain and the Netherlands, have already legalized recreational. And of course, let’s not forget the U.S. states.

Photo by Ketan Kumawat from Pexels

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