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Former health execs accused of medical pot smuggling in Minnesota



pot smuggling

After months of legal battles over the felony drug charges against the former chief medical officer of Vireo Health, Dr. Laura Bultman, and Vireo’s downtown White Plains dispensary, has been upheld.

A Court of Appeals in Minnesota upheld the charges rejecting the officers’ bid to toss the charges.  The appellate decision means that a trial is more likely now.

The Accusations

The two ex-Vireo senior execs were accused of smuggling medical marijuana from Minnesota to New York. The accusations note that the two used the firm’s armored automobile to move medicated cannabis oil between two states illegally.

After reviewing the case as to whether the laws addressed the smuggling of medical pot across the two-state borders well enough, the court ruled that the law didn’t allow the transfer.

The Legal Argument

According to the Minnesota regulations, the apparent smuggling case turns out to point out various legal arguments. For instance, the first argument could be either that some criminals desperately smuggled the medical cannabis in the armored SUV packed with almost $500,000 of cannabis oil.

The other scenario is that maybe respected corporate officers would have transported (behind the masks) the state-licensed medical cannabis from the Minnesota-based company to the affiliate in New York.

Some aspects of the case also have few other connections to the New York State’s medical cannabis program, like allegations that the cannabis oil was illegally sold to patients which were later tested at the state government’s Wadsworth Lab.

The Department of Health in New York, which oversees the cannabis program, reported that it was independently investigating the smuggling allegations and said to release the findings when the case concludes.

 The alleged smuggling could indeed be illegal according to the Appellate Court. The two officers are charged with transferring medical cannabis to some unauthorized person.

Nevertheless, the case has implications for the growing cannabis industry in Minnesota and New York. Perhaps, it has exposed some potential holes in the efforts the government is putting into preventing medical cannabis from crossing the state borders. These scenarios increase the threat of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration raids on the companies licensed by the state laws.

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As proposals to liberalize cannabis laws are expected before Ireland’s cabinet in coming weeks, a panel of 20 doctors have raised distress over what they termed as ‘increasingly relaxed attitudes towards marijuana amongst the media, legislators, and commentators.’

The claim is that cannabis has now turned out to be the ubiquitous thing linked to drug-associated admissions to psychiatric hospitals throughout the country, mostly.

Furthermore, it’s the common drug that is involved in the new treatment sessions at a plethora of addiction services in Ireland. The doctors’ concern is that drug’s use during teenage increases risks of mental illness as well as impairments to thinking and memory.

Personal Possession of Cannabis

The proposals aimed at liberalizing the country’s drug laws are due to be brought to the Cabinet of the country in the coming days by the Minister of State for Drug Strategy Catherine Byrne.

The plans are that individuals caught with a little amount of the drugs will either be referred to a counseling or addiction service rather than being prosecuted.

The proposals came after a working group set in 2017 spent more than a year trying to examine alternative approaches to personal possession of illegal drugs. However, the group chaired by retired judge Garrett Sheehan didn’t produce an agreed report over the same issue.


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Just a year later, again the bill that would enable the California marijuana industry to access the banking services from the state-chartered financial institutes, as well as credit unions, will be put on the sword. A year ago, a similar attempt to pass the state legislature failed.

So, will the lawmakers finally go ahead with the bill this time?

One thing is clear, the legal marijuana industry in California is struggling to compete favorably in the black market. The primary reason is that it faces great challenges, which include banking access as well as high taxes.  

State of the Proposed Law

For instance, Senate Bill 51 is meant to allow the state to license various private banks to easily handle the billions of dollars which are generated by the state’s legal cannabis industry.

The current situation in the state is that the pot retailers, as well as other cannabis companies, have been stopped from the long-established banking system.

Therefore, it means that the measure will now allow the
credit unions and private banks to safely apply for a state-charter to enable them to offer depository services to all licensed marijuana businesses.

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The land of Lincoln could soon become the land of legal recreational cannabis ending its war on cannabis. Governor J.B. Pritzker introduced the legalization bill recently, and if passed it would mean 12.74 million more of the American people would get a modern and functioning cannabis marketplace.

The Massive Bill

Pritzker announced the 522-page legislation bill and Democratic lawmakers would allow individuals with the age of 21 years and above to purchase recreational marijuana in the state of Illinois at any given licensed dispensary. 

The state currently has a prohibition on cannabis with only an exception for medical use. However, with the new bill, Illinois residents would have a chance of possessing 30 grams of cannabis as well as grow a maximum of five plants at their homes. The nonresidents will be allowed to possess up to a maximum of 15 grams.

Notably, the plan is to expunge what the lawmakers have estimated to be 800,000 cannabis convictions and hence allow individuals with those convictions to work in the marijuana industry.

Also, there’s a $20 million low-interest loan program for the minority-owned businesses hence promoting social equity in the industry.

The Bill Boasts Support

The bill is an amendment to Senate Bill 7 that is sponsored by state Rep. Kelly Cassidy and state Sen. Heather Steans – both Democrats who had proposed similar measures in 2017 which eventually got turned down under the former Gov. Bruce…

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