Young & Restless’ Ashland and Victoria’s Story Ends in Tragedy? Plus, Phyllis and Nikki’s Doomed Plan to Ruin Diane

Young & Restless’ Ashland and Victoria’s Story Ends in Tragedy? Plus, Phyllis and Nikki’s Doomed Plan to Ruin Diane

Young & Restless put in a solid week what with Ashland going off the deep end and Phyllis scheming with Nikki and Ashley. There was a little romance (Noah & Allie) and a big heartbreak (Sally & Adam) but still a lot of focus on musical employment. Anyway, here Adam Newman saved Sally Spectra’s job (with an aid from Nick), yet the whole incident left me thinking if he’d made a catastrophic blunder. Adam and Sharon would undoubtedly be blindsided if Sally and Nick were together! In relation, I think Sally and Chloe will perform well running Newman Media.

He still loves her, and now she’ll be working near to his brother, whom she adored and flirted with in the past. I felt like Victoria was startled by Sally’s determination and confidence, which made her decide to give her a go.

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What’s next?

Adam’s deranged; he couldn’t hide that he still loves Sally even when swearing he didn’t, and he warned Victoria that Ashland might want to do her bodily damage, something he would have loved in the past.

Not being at Newman Enterprises or with Sally, he’s now kind of fumbling around. Will he gravitate back toward Sharon? Leave town? Or will Victoria give an olive branch in a moment of gratitude for the heads-up, and we’ll witness a new dynamic there?

Is It a Tragic End?

Adam may have warned Victoria about Ashland, but it’s not like she strictly heeded it. Inadvertently, she let her ex inside the house while she was home alone, which was not her intention.

Ashland became downright menacing, and, well, I suppose we can predict that the ‘AshtAstoria story will end tragically. Nick’s presence on the scene signifies that he will undoubtedly intervene in this confrontation, leading to inevitable physicality.

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Demonstrating The Self-Defense

Nick will either maim or murder Ashland while protecting Victoria, or Victoria will likely maim or kill Ashland if he gains the upper hand over her brother. Ashton’s death could be the catalyst for a plot in which one of the Newmans is hauled off to prison and forced to show self-defense.

It is doubtful that Victoria would regret Ashland’s hospitalization, which would finally reunite them. Therefore, if he survives, Locke will likely be the one to flee up the river, possibly to return at a later time to menace once more?!?


This week on Young and Restless, Noah quit New Hope and decided to open an art-themed nightclub in Victor’s Top of the Tower restaurant, continuing his career merry-go-round (unbeknownst to his grandfather, too funny).

I had this notion as one of what I assume was a minority of The Underground’s admirers. Despite the fact that I’m unsure whether this will make Noah or Noah and Allie less monotonous, it’s refreshing to see him smile. This week, Allie displayed some sass as she clapped back at Ashley.

In the most recent employment report for Genoa City, Phyllis received an offer from Lily to purchase her motel. Would she send her “baby” to work for her daughter at Marchetti, as the sneak peek implies, in an attempt to destroy Diane? I don’t think the old Phyllis would have had to give up anything to figure out how to get rid of her competition.

The Memorable Moments

Phyllis is doomed to fail if she attempts to oust Diane from Marchetti, despite having the support of Nikki and Ashley. One of my favorite storylines and most memorable sequences. It will inevitably backfire.

Why? Diane will know exactly what she’s doing as soon as she hears she’s been hired, and Kyle and Jack will already be on her side.

Moreover, we cannot allow Diane to fall until she has taken everything from Phyllis. I continue to believe that Jack and Diane will pair up in the near future. In relation to Phyllis, Jack has been a jerk, and it was really nice to hear Ashley tell him so!

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