A Major Performance by Zach Bryan on “Yellowstone”

On Sunday, December 18, Zach Bryan and the Paramount TV series Yellowstone greatly reignited their love for one another. Not through an overlaid backing track. But Zach Bryan appeared in the show and played live. The seventh episode of Season 5 included not one, not two, but three Zach Bryan songs on the official soundtrack.

Zach Bryan appeared as the county fair’s entertainment toward the end of the episode, singing along with his band. The tracks “Motorcycle Drive-By,” “Quittin’ Time,” and “Summertime Blues” were all included. However, they are from Bryan’s 9-song EP Summertime Blues. They are not his massive 34-song album American Heartbreak, which is now ruling the charts.

The timing is fascinating because Zach Bryan performed at the Under The Big Sky Festival on July 17. While he was in the area and simultaneously released his Summertime Blues EP. Maybe he descended to the Yellowstone filming location and taped his parts there. Lainey Wilson also made an appearance at the festival this year as part of the cast of Yellowstone.

Zach Bryan’s ascent to fame and Yellowstone’s have coincided. Yellowstone had previously worked with Zach Bryan to assist and give him a boost. Before the start of Season 4 of the show, Yellowstone’s music director Andrea von Foerster wanted to include some of Zach Bryan’s songs. But she was concerned that the homemade feel of his recordings wouldn’t fit the bill.

At the time, Andrea Van Foerster stated, “I asked Zach if I might pair him with a colleague of mine, Dave Cobb. We utilized “Condemned” after one of our programs. Since his managers brought him to Nashville and helped him record with Dave Cobb.

Zach Bryan has already made several appearances in this fifth season, including his song “Whiskey Fever” in Episode 1 and “The Good I’ll Do” in a crucial scene in Episode 4.

Most of the time, being on the Yellowstone soundtrack is an excellent thing for musicians and bands. The boost is much more significant. If you go there in person, as Whiskey Myers did. Episode 7 had songs from Flatland Cavalry and L.A. Edwards.

Zach Bryan should also get a boost from his performance at Yellowstone, but let’s be honest: the end-of-year numbers for 2022 show that he’s already one of the hottest acts in the country and all of music.

But Episode 7 of Season 5 gave many Yellowstone fans an incredible moment when their two favorite forms of entertainment, TV and music, came together again. Since they are two of the most popular things in recreation right now, this will be good for both of them in the long run.

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