‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Episode 7: From a Murderous Cowboy to the Show’s First Queer Kiss

Last week’s “Yellowstone” showcased The Gather, a community festival commemorating cattle branding. This week’s edition focuses on pipelines, land deals, cattle diseases, and the beef sector’s future.


  • Young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein) beat a fellow cowboy nearly to death because he was talking about the woman he wanted. Even when stabbed, De-escalate, buddy!
    Kai Caster’s cowboy is named Rowdy?! Rip, Given his name, only fight Rowdy under dire situations. He’s loud.
  • Rip killed Rowdy. Yikes!
  • This story describes Rip and John’s (Kevin Costner) bond. Excellent history!
    Jamie (Wes Bentley) needs counseling, but not from his lover.
    Jamie loves Sarah (Dawn Olivieri) and B.S. How doesn’t he realize he’s being played?!
    Wow, will Brazil conquer the U.S. cattle sector, as Sarah says? So.
    “Sluts, see…” Never change, Beth.

  • Summer (Piper Perabo) hates marriage. Summer, it’s early! Still no coffee?
  • Monica (Kelsey Asbille) asks Beth, “Why are you mean?”
  • “Brucellosis” sounds bad on Google. It can sicken humans. “Yellowstone” needs Pop-Up Video-style annotations to explain cowboy things to city slickers. It’d help!
  • Cowboys and cowgirls playing with Summer by completing her cattle work? Traumatized, she’s terrible.
    Rip can’t live in the new territory with the cattle. She’d kill him.
    Yellowstone ranch can’t afford $1.4 million per month to transfer livestock. The Duttons seemed wealthy. Their helicopter is theirs.
  • John’s loan will hurt him politically.
  • Beth and John never discussed money. Beth is surprised by the business model.
    Jamie, heed Kate (Maria Julian) (Maria Julian). She’s the only one on the program looking out for you.
  • I enjoy Jamie’s freakouts.
  • They’re impeaching John! Actually. That’s probably best. He doesn’t care about work or constituents.
    The ranch’s finances would crumble since John never Googled competitors’ websites. Beth broke the code without any inquiry. John’s boomer doddery may be Yellowstone’s downfall.
  • Bet: Who’ll fight at the fair?

  • Jenni Landon’s Teeter: Your accent and libido make this show better.
    It is the sweetest kidnapping ever, says Summer.
    Wait. Clara (Lilli Kay) is having her first gay make-out session. WOW! “Yellowstone” is boringly straight… Let’s liven up!
  • Jamie’s speech is repetitious; practice while less horny.
  • I know “Yellowstone” is over, but I’m obsessed with who else should have a gay romance. Could Martin Sheen’s appearance as one of John’s long-lost cowboys return? Will Summer and Beth quarrel again? Will one of Jamie’s Harvard fraternity brothers (played by Ian Somerhalder) back him in a legal struggle against John? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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