Wyatt Pike Explains His Unexpected Departure From ‘American Idol’

Wyatt Pike explains why he left American Idol in Season 18.

The American Idol candidate quit before the Top 12 was released. After leaving Idol, allegations circulated that Pike had a dispute with judge Luke Bryan, but this wasn’t true.

The news circulated that Pike got into a fist brawl with Bryan, giving him a black eye and leading him to miss Idol on April 12, 2021. Bryan has lived resting since he had COVID. Paula Abdul replaced Bryan, but he returned the next episode.

Caroline, Bryan’s wife, promptly debunked the allegations on social media.

Bryan’s wife wrote on TikTok, “He’s got covid.” “I want a fight. I’m tired of babysitting and sterilizing. “Lysol!”
Pike revealed on Instagram in April 2021 that he departed Idol for personal reasons.

Pike posted on Instagram, “I had to quit @AmericanIdol I’m thankful to play music for personal reasons forever.” “Good luck, fellow contenders! Thanks for your help. More music is coming!
In early 2022, Pike told KPCW about his new song “Deep Blue” and why he left the show.

“Reality, competitive music on TV isn’t my thing. Overwhelming. Pike cited stress and behind-the-scenes pressure.

“Coming off the performance, it’s like reintroducing myself musically,” Pike told the newspaper. Because people know who I am from the program, but that’s not who I want to be.

Francisco Martin co-wrote Pike’s new song, “Deep Blue.” Idol alums created the tune over dinner in Los Angeles. The song is Pike’s first collaboration; he generally writes solo.

The assistant engineer at The Village Studios, Peter Hanaman, puts out the song on his own.

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