On The New “Star Trek,” William Shatner Said That Gene Roddenberry Would Be “Turning In His Grave.”

Every time William Shatner has spoken at a convention, he has been eager to express his opinions. Shatner led Kevin Smith in an hour-long talk and Q&A session about his career, space travel, and everything Shatner after Shatner had been on the Masters of the Universe 40th Anniversary panel to announce his participation in Smith’s most recent animation work. During audience questions, Shatner was asked what he thought of the current Star Trek franchise, and his answer was not very positive.

William Shatner will always be linked with Star Trek and Captain Kirk, no matter where he goes or what he does. Shatner has undoubtedly thought of that as a mixed blessing throughout the years. In a classic Saturday Night Live sketch, he openly made fun of Trek enthusiasts, and when he isn’t into whatever Star Trek is up to, he isn’t afraid to express his views.

And it appears that Shatner does not like what is happening with Star Trek right now. At one point, during his appearance on his own panel at Comic-Con, Shatner was asked if he thought any of the more recent Star Trek shows were better than the original Star Trek series, in which he had a starring role in the 1960s.

Shatner replied, “None of them,” before he continued:

Star Trek: The Next Generation was the last Star Trek program Gene Roddenberry was involved with before he passed away in 1991. The 1994 film Star Trek Generations featured William Shatner’s final on-screen performance as Captain Kirk, while he continued to produce Star Trek books for many years after that. However, it has been 30 years since either of them had a significant impact on the franchise.

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Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, and the animated Star Trek: Lower Decks are among the most recent Star Trek television programs. However, the most recent addition to the Trek lineup, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, is a throwback to the original Trek, with a more episodic structure, allegorical sci-fi stories, and an upbeat tone. I can understand why Shatner didn’t like some of those series, and some Star Trek fans aren’t crazy about them either. For fans of the original Star Trek, it is the new Star Trek series.

Strange New Worlds introduces a young James Kirk who is portrayed by a different actor, so perhaps Shatner wouldn’t like that either. Regardless, Paramount+ offers streaming access to all of the most current Star Trek shows.

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