Who Was Spencer Dutton In 1923? Why Was He Such A Famous Actor?

In recent years, the producers of the Yellowstone series have encouraged fans to delve further into the mythology. Then by releasing a couple of prequel series. Of course, Taylor Sheridan’s newest creation, 1923, is the most recent product.

Taylor and John Linson created the original series that premiered in 2018. Which follows the tensions between a vast cattle ranch, an Indian reserve, and real estate developers.

While 1923 takes place before the events of Yellowstone National Park. It is the sequel to the first book in the series, 1883. It furthers our connection to the central characters we’ve come to love.

The premiere aired on December 18th, 2022, and introduced viewers to a small cast of people; this prompted some viewers to undertake their research and learn more about the relationships between these new characters and the ones they already liked from Yellowstone. In 1923, specifically, who was Spencer Dutton?

When Is 1923, And Who Is Spencer Dutton?

Spencer Dutton is the nephew of Harrison Ford’s Jacob Dutton and James Badge Dale’s brother John Dutton Sr., the great-grandfather of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton III in Yellowstone.

We find out that Spencer is an expert big-game tracker and hunter who also served in World War I. The pilot sets the stage early on for his history of trauma, which will play a role in his growth during the season.

In retrospect, it’s important to note that Spencer has been to Yellowstone previously, albeit as a little child in a flashback scene in season four. Spencer’s dad, James Dutton, was played by Tim McGraw in 1883, and that’s what the flashback was about.

The character first appeared as an adult in 1923. However, earlier events are shown in flashbacks.

In 1923, who would you cast as Spencer Dutton?

Actor Brandon Sklenar plays Spencer Dutton in 1923 and has been in several films and TV shows.

TV shows he has worked on include Westworld (Henry), The Offer (Burt Reynolds), and most recently, Walker: Independence (Liam Collins). He has had a few more minor roles on TV, but 1923 is his most significant.

Film roles include that of Brent in Emily, starring Aubrey Plaza, as well as George “Tex” Gay in Midway, Officer Hill in Karen, Junior in The Big Ugly, John in Indigo Valley, Bobby Prentice in Vice, James in Temple, and Vincent in Glass Jaw (Joe Najarian).

A “VERY COLD AND PIERCING EYE” on American history

What a great moment to become a part of the Yellowstone family and another franchise! In a recent interview, Helen Mirren (Cara Dutton) praised Taylor Sheridan’s Slash Film:

And I think the fantastic thing that Taylor Sheridan is doing is throwing an icy and penetrating look upon American history,” she said. The fact that these are actual people who fall in love, disagree, fight, and eventually separate explains why he chooses to recount the story in such a dramatic fashion.

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