Who Played On Yellowstone’s Fifth Season’s Seventh Episode?

Zach Bryan intensified his bond with the popular Yellowstone series starring Kevin Costner last night. The Oklahoma actor sang three songs as the county fair band in the seventh episode of the new season.

Bryan’s outstanding 2022 EP Summertime Blues has the three songs “Motorcycle Drive By,” “Quittin’ Time,” and “Summertime Blues.” When they shot the new episode earlier in the year. Bryan was probably in the process of recording the project.

Fans of the program, who have become accustomed to hearing Bryan’s sparse. His catchy melodies providing a sense of gravitas to pivotal points in the plot found a pleasant surprise.
Both “Whiskey Fever” and his eerie “The Good I’ll Do” appeared just in Season 5. Bryan’s songs “Condemned” and “Flying or Crying” has also appeared on past seasons’ soundtrack.

But the Oklahoma songwriter has never before been live on the program. As a result, fellow musicians like Whiskey Myers have seen their fame skyrocket.

Bryan barely needs this type of encouragement. After such a successful year, his performance at Yellowstone will undoubtedly spark the new live record for which he has been practicing.

He teased the album’s tracklist earlier in the month, and shortly after, he shared a clip from a brand-new Belting Bronco episode with his close buddy Charles Wesley Godwin. The dynamic duo performs “Jamie,” their well-known murder, a song while transported in a van’s back.

Bryan’s 2023 studio album, Writers and Fighters, whose title he previously disclosed, is widely anticipated by fans. Zach Bryan continues to tease upcoming songs from the album in his signature style; most recently, he shared a clip from an unfinished song written for a woman named “Marie.”

Viewers will be closely watching for any additional cameos from Zach Bryan and his soulful croons as the midseason finale of Yellowstone approaches and the new 1923 spin-off gets underway.

Is it too much to expect Zach Bryan and his band to become the Duttons’ go-to band in the future?

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