Who is Kathy Ambush? Meet lawyer Clarence Thomas’s first wife

Who is Kathy Ambush? Meet lawyer Clarence Thomas's first wife

Kathy Ambush has not been the subject of mainstream media for a long time. The only time her story comes out in public is when people are profiling her ex-husband, one of the most influential figures in the USA. But Kathy has her path and life. Her story is different from that of her ex-husband’s. However, despite her ex-husband’s high profile status, many people still do not know Kathy and what she does for a living.

Kathy Ambush

Kathy Ambush is an American volunteer well known as the ex-wife of lawyer, jurist, and US Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas. Her ex-husband is the longest-serving member of the US Supreme Court, with over 30 years of tenure, making him the most senior associate justice on the Supreme Court.

Kathy and Clarence Thomas divorced even before Thomas became a Supreme Court Judge. But because of her association with a famous figure in the USA, her story is still relevant in today’s environment.

Early Life

Kathy Ambush was born on 7 June 1950 (age 72 as of 2022) in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. She is the daughter of Nelson William Ambush (father) and Shigalo Gladys Sato (mother). Her father was a dental technician who worked in Worchester, Massachusetts.

Kathy grew up in Massachusetts alongside her four siblings, Stephen Ambush, Benjamin Ambush, Karen Thande, and June Ambush. She attended Marian Central Catholic High School in Worcester. After graduating from high school, she went to study for a Degree in Business Administration at Lincoln University.

Unfortunately, Kathy’s mother died in 1984. Her father then married Mary Estelle in 1986. Kathy’s father welcomed two children from her second marriage, Valerie Wilson and Sydney Schuyler. Thus, Kathy has four biological siblings and two step-siblings.

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Kathy Ambush : Husband And Children

Husband and children Kathy met Clarence Thomas in 1969 when their mutual friends introduced them. Clarence was a college student studying at the College of Holy Cross, while Kathy had enrolled at a nearby women-only college. Kathy and Clarence Thomas started dating a week after the meeting. Since they were both in college, they dated for two years. Then, on 5 June 1971, the couple exchanged marriage vows after Clarence graduated. Their nuptials occurred at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester, Massachusetts.

After their wedding, Kathy became Kathy Ambush Thomas. Then, she and her husband moved to New Haven, Connecticut, to begin their married life. But Clarence also moved to New Haven to join Law School at Yale. Then, on 15 February 1973, Kathy welcomed her first child, a boy named Jamal Adeen Thomas. When the couple divorced, Clarence won sole custody of Jamal Adeen Thomas when he was a teenager. Kathy Ambush’s son works in the financial sector, serving as the Director of Supervision at John F. Van Der Hyde and Associates. Previously, he worked for different firms, including Wells Fargo, Wachovia Securities, and BB&T Scott and Stringfellow.

Married Life

Kathy and Clarence were in marriage for more than a decade. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 1981 and finalised their divorce in 1984. Thomas had financial and emotional struggles in the late 70s and early 80s. He even started drinking, and it became worse with time, often drinking while at home alone.

The drinking became a problem in his marriage, leading to its fall. After the divorce, Clarence moved on and married Virginia Lamp, a lobbyist and aide to Republican Congressman Dick Armey, in 1987. Kathy also moved on and married a man named Douglas Allen Smith. As of 2022, she lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Kathy Ambush’s fast facts How many children does Kathy Ambush have? She has one child, Jamal Adeeb Thomas, born 5 February 1973 (age 49 as of 2022). Is Kathy Ambush’s son a lawyer? Her son, Jamal Adeen Thomas, followed a different path from his father’s.

Instead, he did economics and business in college and worked as a director at a financial company.

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How old is Kathy Ambush?

She was born on 7 June 1950 (age 72 as of 2022). Who are Kathy Ambush’s siblings? She has four biological siblings and two step-siblings. Her siblings from her father’s first marriage are Stephen, Benjamin, Karen, and June and her step-siblings are Valerie and Sydney. How did Kathy Ambush and Clarence Thomas meet? They met in 1969 after their mutual friends introduced them to each other. When did Kathy Ambush and Clarence Thomas divorce? The couple separated in 1981 and divorced in 1984.

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