Who is Jack Dutton to John Dutton? ‘Yellowstone 1923’ Revealed Family Tree Details

When fans of Yellowstone thought they knew everything about the Dutton family, the western show showed us we were wrong in December 2022. On December 18, 2022, a new group of Duttons continued the story in Yellowstone 1923. 1923 is Yellowstone 1883’s follow-up, which came out in early 2022 and was another prequel to the main level.

In 1923, we learned more about how the Duttons got the sacred Yellowstone Ranch hundreds of years ago. It also lets fans see the family members who helped them get there, like Jack Dutton, played by Darren Mann.

Jack’s relationship with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is well-known, but the specifics may be unfamiliar to some viewers. Read on to find out where Jack fits in the family tree of the Duttons.

On “Yellowstone 1923,” who is Jack Dutton to John Dutton?

Yellowstone 1923 took place almost 40 years after the tragic death of Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) and other events at the end of 1883. Harrison Ford plays Jacob Dutton in the new show, whose beloved wife Cara (Helen Mirren) is by his side. Fans also saw the second generation of the Dutton family interact with each other.

John Dutton Sr., played by James Badge Dale, was brought back for the new show. In 1883, he was James Dutton’s cute son. Decades later, as an adult with his own family, he returned to help his family’s business. John and Emma’s (Marley Shelton) son, Jack, works on the ranch with John and Jacob. Jacob is the uncle of John, so he is the great-uncle of Jack.

Jack is a free-spirited Dutton, and how that will affect his work on the ranch needs to be clarified. However, John Dutton Jr. might use some of Jack’s ideas in the future. Even though we haven’t seen John Dutton, Jr. yet, he is likely the father of Yellowstone’s central John, making Jack his uncle.

Does Jack die in ‘1923?’

Even though Jack needs more time to get used to being a cowboy, his love for his family is evident. In the first episode, we learn that Jack put off his wedding to Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph) to help his dad and great-uncle drive cattle to the mountains and feed them.

John and Jacob don’t seem to notice what Jack does for his family. Still, he went with them to the mountains, where they met Banner Creighton, who was feeding his sheep near where they were.

Jack rode his horse for a while in the second half of the episode. He saw a shepherd give the grass from the Dutton cattle to their sheep. Jack tried to get to Jacob quickly to tell him what he had seen, but it seemed like a shot stopped him in his tracks. The episode concludes without revealing if Jack is okay after being shot.

So far, Yellowstone 1923 hasn’t shown any clear evidence that the shooting killed Jack. As expected, the cast didn’t say whether Jack’s time on the show was already up. But Darren told us more about Jack’s love for his family and why he was willing to die to protect their legacy.

“He loves his family a lot, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect and keep it,” Darren told Hollywood Life in an interview. “I think he looks up to his great-uncle Jacob and his dad, his uncle. We have fun together. That’s a given. Because uncle helped raise us, he is a little bit more like a brother.”

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