Who is in Africa in “1923,” which is a prequel to “Yellowstone”?

In 1923, a new generation of Duttons came to Montana to stake their claim. They made their mark through the early days of the Great Depression and the Westward Expansion.

1923 is the newest prequel series in Taylor Sheridan’s expanding Yellowstone universe. It takes place 40 years after 1883. It was almost a century before the time when Yellowstone was now. Harrison Ford plays Jacob Dutton, the head of the family, and Helen Mirren plays Cara Dutton, his wife, and the family’s matriarch, on the show.

The show’s first episode aired on Paramount Plus on December 18. It gives people a taste of what to expect over the next eight episodes. Cara Dutton killed a Scottish man in cold blood. Which interested people in the show. Elsa Dutton tells people through narration that her parents, James and Margaret, who were born in 1883, died in 1893. That means that John and Spencer are now on their own.

While Jacob and Cara stay at the ranch to hold down the fort, other members of the Dutton family go on an adventure. Use their gun skills in the desert plains of Africa.

Who in the book 1923 is in Africa?

In a flashback scene in Yellowstone’s fourth season, Spencer Dutton was first brought into the show’s world. Now, in 1923, his story is being told in more depth. He was born in 1883 to James and Margaret Dutton. After James and Margaret died, his uncle Jacob and aunt Cara now run the Yellowstone ranch. Spencer was in his 30s when we met him in 1923. He is no longer tied to his family in Montana.

Spencer is living in Nairobi, Kenya, and taking advantage of the fact. That it is legal to hunt games in Africa at that time. When we first see him, he aims his gun at a dangerous lion and shoots it just before it attacks. This scene hints at what will happen to Spencer at the end of the episode. When a leopard attacks him, we will know if he lives or dies in the next episode.

In the series’ first episode, we learn that Spencer has PTSD. Because of his time fighting in World War I. Cara writes to him to ask when he will come home, and it’s clear that his family doesn’t understand how hard it is for him to carry the weight of his time in battle. In future episodes, we will find out if he will give up his nomadic way of life or settle down in Africa. That depends on whether or not he lived through the leopard attack.

The first episode of the new season of 1923 is now streaming on Paramount Plus. Every Sunday at midnight PT, a new episode comes out.

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