What We Know About Season 2 of “More than Blue” and When It Will Premiere?

More Than Blue: The Series Season 2

The heartwarming Taiwanese romance drama More Than Blue: The Series, which is available on Netflix, centers on the love tale between K, a young man with cancer, and Cream, a young woman without a family. K tries to match Cream with a respectable suitor despite their apparent chemistry so that she won’t have to face the world alone. Years later, while looking for the author of The Saddest Thing of All, a record label manager and his assistant come upon their tragic love tale.

The romance serial’s 2018 Taiwanese film adaptation, directed by Hsieh Pei-Ju, was based on a 2009 South Korean movie of the same name. The show’s tragic premise and analysis of love’s enduring power captivated the Chinese audience.

Because of its outstanding ensemble, moving soundtrack, and eye-catching production, this heartbreaker has quickly gained a loyal audience. Understandably, a lot of fans are eager to find out where the show is going. This page contains all the details you need to know about More Than Blue: The Series’ second season.

More Than Blue: The Series Renewal Status

The entire first season of the Korean drama More Than Blue became available on October 22, 2021. Netflix, a well-known streaming service, hasn’t released any information on a potential More Than Blue Season 2 release. Clearly based on a Taiwanese love story, the show. The first season’s conclusion, which attempted to tie up all the loose ends, was heartfelt and affecting.

As a result, More Than Blue’s Season 2 doesn’t have anything to offer. However, the drama has received positive reviews from viewers on Netflix and from fans. Season 2 might therefore be a chance for the streaming service to profit from the show’s success. Because there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding More Than Blue: Season 2, nothing is certain at this time.

More Than Blue: The Series Storyline

The show centers on a boy and a girl who have been best friends since elementary school and reunite as adult friends after many years apart. The child is concealing his deadly condition from his friend this time, though. He doesn’t have long to enjoy his youth because he has leukemia.

More Than Blue


He is concerned about his own life and the limited time he has left, but he is more concerned for her companion. Even he has a hidden desire for her. He is continually concerned about who will look for her companion once he is gone. He is searching for a mate worthy of her, someone who can support her in the same way that he does.

He’s going through a lot of emotional suffering while doing this. In addition, there are various subplots that include auxiliary figures linked to the main cast. The plot centers on a record label executive and his assistant as they search for the real writer of the famous and heartbreakingly beautiful song Sadder than Sad. In the course of their search, they come upon our protagonist again. illustrating how the love story of the protagonist is at the center of all the plots.

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More Than Blue: The Series Cast and Characters


  • Fandy Fan as Chang Che-kai
  • Gingle Wang as Sung Yuan-yuan
  • Wang Po-chieh as Wang Po-han
  • Shao Yu-wei as An Yi-chi
  • Yao Yi-ti as Yu Chen-hsi
  • Figaro Tseng as Yang Yu-hsien


  • Ma Nian-sian as Mr. Chi
  • Tsai Jia-yin as Bonnie
  • Yuan Ai-fei as Huang Shu-hui
  • Oscar Chiu as Oscar
  • Wu Kun-da as Chang Kun-cheng
  • Vera Chen as Cream s aunt
  • Runyin Bai as An Ke-le
  • Li Guan-yi as Pang
  • Wang Ke-yuan as Su Kuo-pei
  • Winnie Chang as Tseng Yu-hsia
  • Chiu Hao-chi as Lai Chun-chieh
  • Lu Wen-hsueh as Yang Yao-lung
  • Ahn Zhe as Jen Kuang

More Than Blue: The Series Season 2 Plot

There won’t be any new material in later seasons of More Than Blue: The Series because it already covers the whole plot of the movie. It doesn’t appear likely that Netflix will try to milk the 2018 Taiwanese adaptation for additional content given how well-received and happily conclusive it is.

Additionally, a lot of the East Asian romance dramas available on Netflix follow a rigid one-season format, with the final episode offering a satisfying resolution to the plot.

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More Than Blue: The Series Season 2 Release Date

All episodes of More Than Blue: The Series were accessible on Netflix as of October 22, 2021. There are ten episodes, with each lasting between 42 and 50 minutes.

What we do know regarding a prospective new season is as follows: The formal announcement of the second season has not yet been made. But by the end of season 1, the love triangle involving K and Cream, Yang Yu-Hsien, and Yu Chen-hsi had come to a satisfying conclusion.

More Than Blue: The Series Season 2

All of the character biographies, drives, and objectives are presented to us. The history is revealed, the present is cherished, and the future is eagerly anticipated. Love never dies, it just endures. New friendships can blossom when old wounds are healed. All of these factors point to the program not returning for a second season.

Given the aforementioned, it seems unlikely that More Than Blue: The Series will ever have a second season. While this news has hit us hard, we are aware that Season 1 will be the last for the characters we have grown to love. The plot of the show sufficiently explores the lives of K, Cream, and the other individuals impacted by their tragic love story. Many viewers believe it would be a mistake to capitalize on their tragic love story for yet another season.

More Than Blue: The Series Season 2 Trailer

Since Season 2 has not been formally announced, I regrettably don’t know when the trailer will be released. Since we’ve already established how unlikely it is that a new season will air, we don’t anticipate any additional seasons or promotional materials. You can view the More Than Blue Season 1 trailer in the interim.

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