What Is The Meaning Of “Pushing P” On TikTok? Gunna Defines A Famous Catchphrase

The term “Pushin P” became popular on social media after Gunna and Future released a song with the same name in January 2022. Here is what the rappers have to say about the term.
In January 2022, Atlanta-based rapper “Gunna” and fellow artists “Future” and “Young Thug” put out a song called “Pushin’ P.”

The song quickly went viral and became a hot trend on TikTok. Through Tweets and Instagram stories, the song’s lyrics are widely disseminated online.

People who use social media have definitely seen the phrase “Pushin P,” which is typically written with a giant, bright-blue P emoji.

Those who don’t know what this word means may find it hard to understand. The artist who made the viral song was kind enough to explain the lyrics.

What Does Pushin’ P Mean?

Even though the phrase “Pushin P” used for a while in Texas and the Bay Area, it started to take over users’ For You Pages in January.

Gunna said on an episode of the Breakfast Club that the letter “P” stands for “player.” He then explained what Pushin P means on Twitter.

‘Pushing P’ is short for ‘keep it real’ and is usually a good thing.

He wrote, “Being Loyal Is P.”

“Jumping into someone’s fight or situation when you don’t know what’s going on, that’s not,” he said.

He then explained the term in more detail during an Instagram Live stream.

“Fucking your partner’s main b*tch is not P,” he said.

“You see a lady at the door. You open the door for the lady, brother. That’s P. We’re pushing P, get it? When my partner and I argue about not having enough money, we don’t go back and forth. “That’s not P!”
But “P” doesn’t always mean “player.” Depending on how the word is used, it can also mean “paper.”

The song Pushin P has become so popular that it has inspired many funny memes and trends on TikTok. The #pushinP hashtag is got millions of views. Gunna even commented on people’s TikToks to give them grades on how well they used the term.

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