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We currently understand that hemp plants contain about 600 compounds. However, only 140 are recognized as cannabinoids because of their interaction with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD and THC are the most significant of the 140 cannabinoids. Despite this, scientists continue to investigate the plant.

There are medical and recreational benefits to cannabis, and more research is required to aid governments in legislating around them. In addition, increased cannabis research will aid the public in making better decisions and help legal authorities maintain a healthy equilibrium. THCp, a recently discovered cannabinoid, is one of the many chemicals found in cannabis.

THCp (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is a phytocannabinoid found naturally in cannabis and hemp plants. It is an analogue of THC, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis. Its structural similarity to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) led researchers to hypothesize that it may have therapeutic or psychotropic characteristics. Additional research has confirmed that THCp is more reactive than THC.

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Ongoing research examines how its qualities could be utilized for medical and health advantages. This research will also determine whether or not the government will outlaw THCp.

When and how was THCp identified?

The world first learned about THCp on December 30, 2019. The research, published in Scientific Reports, reveals that the chemical interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Additionally, THCp is 30 times stronger than THC.

The first test of THCp’s efficacy was performed on rats, and the results demonstrated that the phytocannabinoid has the same effects as THC but is more potent. However, it did not determine how humans would react to THCp. Nonetheless, the announcement paved the way for additional research, and some cannabis entrepreneurs saw this as a chance to add a new product to their line of hemp-derived goods.

Unfortunate Discovery of THCp

THCp was discovered by chance. The research team initially worked at the Military Chemical Institute on the FM2 strain of cannabis. The team conducted numerous chemical analyses on the cannabis strain. During the process, two novel cannabinoids were identified by mistake. Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCp) is one of the cannabinoids, and cannabidiphorol is the other (CBD). THCp is 30 times more effective in binding to CB1 receptors than THC.

The alkyl chain is a possible reason for the exceptional efficacy of THCp with CB1 receptors in the human ECS. Each cannabinoid has a carbon-atom side chain. This side chain enables the molecule to connect to endocannabinoid receptors in the human body. A cannabinoid must have at least three carbon atoms in its chain in order to exert some activity on ECS receptors.

The Complete Guide to THCP

Those cannabinoid-like chemicals in cannabis plants that lack a side carbon chain are inactive and so are not recognized as cannabinoids. CBD and THC have carbon atoms linked to their tails. It facilitates their interaction with the ECS CB1 and CB2 receptors. The five carbons of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) facilitate its interaction with the CB1 receptor. A THC overdose can cause euphoric behavior and euphoria in people.

While studying the structure of THCp, the researchers also uncovered a piece of intriguing information. Due to the presence of seven carbon atoms in the alkyl chain, they determined that it could be more efficient for ECS receptors. This is the maximum amount of carbon atoms found in any cannabinoid known to date. The discovery made THCp the most reactive component of the hemp plant, capable of elevating the activity of the endocannabinoid system.

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This was determined by observing the difference in activity among rats. As expected, the rats reacted more strongly to THCp than to THC. Utilizing THCp on human ECS receptors multiplies reactivity by at least 30 times, according to a subsequent test on human receptors. This discovery has opened a new chapter in the history of cannabinoids. More research will show this new cannabinoid’s medicinal effects.

Development of CBD

Alongside THCp, the Italian team also identified cannabidiphorol but was unable to continue the study on it. The primary rationale for abandoning CBDp research at that time was that CBD molecules naturally exhibit less endocannabinoid system reactivity. Although the cannabinoid has health benefits against inflammatory illnesses and discomfort, it is less active than THC. As a result, the scientists ceased CBDp research to concentrate on THCp.

What is THCP? Everything You Need to Know About THCP

What Effects Does THCp Have on Your Body?

THC and THCp are fraternal twins. The former molecule can significantly alter the functioning of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), while the latter can positively enhance the ECS. A higher amount of THC can induce a high with only moderate negative effects. The same can occur with THCp, but with severe adverse effects. A low and regulated dose of THCp may aid in the management of pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Additionally, the chemical is effective at treating chronic pain and insomnia. Components of THCp are detected in breast cancer chemotherapeutics. However, it can increase the likelihood of febrile neutropenia (a severe infection). There is currently a lack of study on this chemical and its accompanying negative effects.

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However, some individuals report feeling euphoric after using THCp. Others assert that it is used for other purposes. This is unwise because such hemp plant products require a prescription.

What are THCP and CBDP? Discoveries in Cannabinoid Research - Bloom Medicinals

How Can THCp Be Consumed?

One way to consume THCp is through smoking. When smoked, the THCp will combine with the other cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant material to produce the entourage effect. The THCp will be released by vaporization without combustion of the plant material. This is preferable to smoking.

Additionally, vaporization will provide an entourage effect. THCp can also be formulated as foods, tinctures, and topicals. It has a longer-lasting and more strong effect when consumed than when smoked or vaporized. Additionally, it is healthier than smoking or vaping.

Have You Consumed THCp Inadvertently?

You may have absorbed THCp via CBD or delta-9-containing goods. The production of CBD gummies and delta-9 vapes involves a series of delicate stages. A little error in a single phase may infect the final product. The crucial stage, however, is when experts remove CBD or THC from the cannabinoid pool.

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Professionals utilize CBD isolation, full-spectrum CBD, CO2 extraction, and other appropriate techniques. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) rules also guide these companies to produce high-quality items.  Nonetheless, some businesses may disregard the regulations and include an illegal amount of THC in their products. Additionally, some undiscovered THCp may accompany the THC. Therefore, we advise you to only purchase CBD and THC products from legitimate vendors.

What Side Effects Does THCp Have?

As THC and THCp are structurally similar with only one change, they will have the same negative effects. However, as THCp has a more reactive effect on the ECS of the human body, adverse effects may become more severe. The initial impact of THCp use is getting high.
Nonetheless, even in low quantities, it can induce a high. Due to the lack of scientific evidence, we analyzed consumer feedback and determined that taking THCp was equivalent to smoking marijuana.

Another adverse effect of THCp is deep slumber. People who have difficulty sleeping consume CBD or THC candies to sleep soundly. However, without a prescription, THCp may induce a deeper sleep. The consumer may require hospitalization.

Other potential THCp adverse effects include dry mouth, insomnia, lethargy, stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. These negative effects are comparable to those of THC and CBD drugs. However, we will caution you that the symptoms of THCp may be life-threatening.

What Is THCP? Benefits, Risks, and Uses

Is it legal to buy THCp?

Due to the similarity between THC and THCp, the THCp molecule does not fall within the category of prohibited narcotics. However, this does not mean you can consume unlimited quantities. Regarding the legalization of narcotics with the potential for abuse, there is always a gray area.

Although THCp is not on the list of prohibited drugs, it is illegal. However, it will remain illegal in states that prohibit all forms of THC. In addition, only THC extracted from hemp plants, not marijuana plants, is permitted by the authorities.

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Before making a purchase, you should always consult the legalization authorities of your state. In addition, if your state allows you to transport THCp items, you should research the rules of neighboring states before crossing their borders.

Why CBD, THC, and THCp Products are So Much More Expensive

CBD, THC, and THCp, as well as other cannabinoid-based goods, are significantly more expensive than the majority of other items on the market. There are numerous explanations for this. First, these substances continue to be prohibited in many regions of the world. This necessitates that they are manufactured in approved laboratories, which drives up the price.

Second, there is a significant demand for these compounds. After witnessing the therapeutic and euphoric benefits of hemp-derived products, their demand has increased. However, the supply of high-quality goods remains rather limited. This supply and demand imbalance causes prices to rise even further.

A small quantity of cannabinoids, such as THCp, is also present, which contributes to the price increase. It makes the extraction technique more delicate and challenging. Moreover, recognized brands examine the quality of their products in independent laboratories. These exams are extremely expensive.

What Is THCP? Here's How Our THCP Products Can Help

Lastly, CBD, THC, and THCp products are frequently made in small batches with carefully chosen components. This commitment to excellence also contributes to the high price of these products. Numerous reasons contribute to the high price of CBD, THC, and THCp-containing products. Despite the cost, these medicines remain popular among customers seeking safe and effective ways to enhance their health and wellbeing.

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What Do People Have to Say About THCp-Based Products?

Despite the immaturity of THCp in cannabis, a small number of enterprises sell products with this unique cannabinoid.
There are a number of vapes, oils, candies, and pre-rolls available online that contain THCp. You will observe that the companies do not sell THCp in its purest form. It is, however, blended with delta-8, delta-10, MCT oil, etc.

People who have tried several of them claim it was their first time taking something that potent. In addition, a few individuals recommended that novice BCD users begin with a modest concentration and have a long experience. The reviewer who stated that his girlfriend added eight servings to her tea attracted our attention. It resulted in a sensation of euphoria that lasted for two days.

Customers who have tried THCp-flavored items have commended the flavor and soothing effect. In addition, a few people commented that it was the “real deal” or “strongest stuff” they had ever used. Few of these consumer reviews are from individuals who have used THCp for medical purposes.

However, the majority of studies indicate that THCp increases psychoactive behavior and causes a high. We can infer that, sadly, the border between medical and non-beneficial usage of THCp products on the market is blurring.

THCP the novel cannabinoid of Cannabis

Considerations Prior to Purchasing THCp

A particularly large dose of THCp can cause days-long euphoria and fall into a gray area of legal and unlawful issues. As a result, you should never trust a random online vendor and instead conduct a thorough investigation. Consider the following characteristics before purchasing THCp items from the online cannabis market.

Respected Brand

When acquiring THCp items, the first consideration should be whether the brand is reliable. With this unique cannabinoid, only an authentic and dependable brand can be trusted. The contrary may result in serious adverse effects that require hospitalization.

Customer Evaluations

Due to the lack of scientific evidence on the operation and applications of THCp, you must rely on client feedback. Determine the prevalent opinion of those who routinely use THCp. Consider the counsel of professionals and begin your adventure with the lowest concentrations.

Low Molecular Weight

Starting with low quantities of THCp or other cannabinoids is the best way to avoid any potential negative effects. This is emphasized since THCp can allegedly connect with CB1 receptors thirty times more frequently. It can produce both good and severe adverse effects. Therefore, we recommend beginning with 1mg or even less THCp as opposed to 10mg of CBD.

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Customer Support

Consider only those reputable brands with dependable customer service. There is a possibility that, after consuming one THCp cartilage, you will not experience any health benefits. In this situation, dependable customer service comes in help and offers reimbursements. In addition, the majority of cannabis companies provide first-order discounts and a money-back guarantee. Select the one that provides both features.

Independent Lab Testing

Before purchasing any cannabis, you should search for evidence of third-party laboratory testing. All trustworthy businesses comprehend the need to check the final CBD or THCp items for purity. It is required because even a minor error during any phase of cannabis production can contaminate the final product. In addition, an extraction procedure error can result in component balance distortion. To determine whether a company puts its products to third-party testing, see the company’s website for transparent lab results.


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