What Happened To Richard Williams? King Richard’s tennis court is owned by Tennis Coach

Some fans are uncertain as to whether the tennis player’s coach and father, King Richard, is still alive. Following the release of Will Smith’s King Richard.

Will Smith is already maneuvering himself to the front of the line as Oscar season approaches.

King Richard, the newest worldwide smash success from Smith. It debuted this week in theaters. It tells the tale of The father of tennis players Venus and Serena Richard Williams.

However, although King Richard has a large following and many followers on social media. There are rumors about the man’s health and whether or not he is still alive.


Richard Dove Williams Jr., the father of Venus and Serena Williams, is alive but reportedly not in good health.

Sadly, the 79-year-old also experienced a string of subsequent strokes. After suffering a significant stroke in 2016. In court documents about a 2019 case against his ex-wife, Lakeisha. Williams also developed a neurological disease affecting his communication capacity.

Following the November 19th King Richard premiere. There are several misconceptions on social media, leading many fans to wonder if Williams was still alive.

These rumors seem to have first surfaced in response to multiple posts. That referred to the film as a “tribute,” implying that Williams had passed away.

Chris Williamson, the anchor for SNY News, tweeted, “Richard Williams is still alive, btw.” Thankfully correcting any perception that Williams had passed away.

Chavoita Lesane, Richard Williams’ son, is currently caring for him.


Although King Richard has a fantastic plot. Fans and critics have focused on the performance, particularly concerning Will Smith in the starring role.
Other media sources shared a similar opinion. Vulture noted that Smith “added his poetic physicality to the character.” Marca predicting that Smith will be nominated for an Oscar!


No one can question Richard Williams’ commitment to becoming a tennis great, but a recent admission from a former coach shows how extreme the training regiments were.

Rick Macci, who was played by John Bernthal in King Richard, told The Sun that pieces of broken glass would be all over the court during practice.

Macci explained Williams’ plan for Venus and Serena by saying, “The one thing I knew about Venus and Serena was that they’d run over broken glass to get a ball.”

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