What Exactly Happens at This “Lovers and Friends Fest,” Anyway?

There is a lot of excitement online about the upcoming Lovers and Friends Fest music festival. There’s a flyer going about, and I’m sure you agree it sounds fantastic. Everybody may find something they like, from girl groups to the R&B of the ’90s to today’s rap.

The retro feel of the design’s hot pink and glitter accents harkens back to the early 2000s. It’s a stroke of genius to combine famous, old-school acts like TLC and Ginuwine with contemporary performers like Megan thee Stallion and Summer Walker.

This is a perfect example of appealing to people’s sentimental side. It seems incredible to take a trip to LA in May to see a slew of renowned R&B and hip-hop stars, but is it too good to be true? Yes, that might be the case.

While it’s not unheard of for false concert fliers to circulate online, in the wake of the Fyre Festival, concertgoers are (and rightly so) wary of seemingly out-of-nowhere, extravagant events. It’s not as big as Coachella or Lollapalooza.

Are we nave, or is this offer just too good to be true? Is this a genuine attempt at reuniting Usher, Jon, and Luda, or is it just another hoax? Do some digging.

Celebration Of Love And Friendship

The official Lovers and Friends Fest Twitter account will go live this month. Currently, less than 2,000 people are following the performance. Blue checkered ones are infrequent. You’ll find a slightly different take on events if you hop on Instagram. They’ve amassed 35,000 followers, many of whom are active and verified. This appears to be legit, but who is behind it?

Goldenvoice, an event production company, is responsible for organizing the gathering. In the Greater San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Bay Areas of Diego, Goldenvoice connects music enthusiasts with live performances from diverse artists. Research reveals that they are a spinoff of AEG, the largest live entertainment corporation in the world. So far, so good.

Despite their credibility, the festival’s lineup is the main reason attendees doubt its legitimacy. Some of the more popular artists seem to be buried in the list, which I thought strange. The first rule of communication design is to put the most crucial information at the top in a larger font size, while the secondary details go at the bottom.

As you can see, this flyer doesn’t fulfill that requirement. While Usher, Lil Jon, and Ludacris are crammed together at the top of the page like one act with a hot ticket, Lil Kim is relegated to the bottom, where a slew of lesser-known musicians would typically be featured. Even Ms. Lauryn Hill is always late to everything and is headlining. The situation is chaotic.

The fact that so many of the performers are double-booked on that day is the most suspicious aspect of the flier. Two other, more well-known festivals, the Rolling Loud in Miami and the Broccoli Festival in Washington, DC, take place on May 7. How will T-Pain and Megan thee Stallion travel across the country to perform at two different music festivals, which have had them booked there for quite some time? Teleportation? Will Scotty transport them via transporter?

Someone inquired about this on Instagram, and the festival’s account responded, “Both acts are appearing at both events. “Private jet service.”

It would appear that Friends and Lovers don’t give a hoot about global warming. That is fair enough, but things became much more convoluted when Lil Kim posted a fairly damning accusation on her Instagram account, claiming that she wasn’t involved in the festival at all. But then Usher posted it to Instagram, insisting it was genuine. In this situation, should we believe Lil’ Kim or Usher?

JaRule’s appearance on the flier is also peculiar. Is it going to be forgotten how important a role JaRule played in the Fyre Festival played?


Having followed the money to where it leads, Lovers and Friends Fest does appear legitimate; nonetheless, I would still proceed with caution. It’s a lot of work to organize a festival. In terms of logistics, there are several moving parts to consider, including but not limited to equipment, security, vendors, talent, and so on. A good festival requires months and months of planning. Therefore, the short period between their announcement and the celebration itself is concerning.

Without adequate resources or competent management, even well-established events risk floundering. Doubt me? Take in the details of this year’s LouFest. Despite thousands of ticketholders and A-list performers like Kasey Musgraves and Robert Plant. The festival abandons a few days before it starts.

Protect yourself and your money if you still want to visit Los Angeles in May to see the A-list performers at Lovers and Friends Fest.

To avoid any issues, buy from their official website. Stay away from VIP upgrades offered by anyone other than the event’s organizer.

Put your ticket purchase on a credit card. If you want to avoid fees, avoid using your debit card. If you need to dispute the charge, you will have more leeway with a credit card because of the added security measures against fraudulent use.

Don’t shell out for any lodgings that won’t allow a refund. If the event gets cancel at the last minute. You don’t want to be responsible for paying for a hotel room that won’t be used.

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