Westland commission waves to marijuana business

Westland commission gives thumbs-up to the proposed marijuana business

The marijuana business is just the latest to come before the city’s labour planning commission. The city initially passed a regulation several years ago that allowed a specific number of marijuana businesses, including one across the street from this location on the south side of Cherry Hill and another near Joy and Inkster.

That proximity led some commissioners to inquiry whether two companies so close to each other would affect business. Weisberger said he didn’t think he would, since they have a good relationship with the other company.

The construction will embrace on-site retail, development and processing operations. To confirm, the undertaking contained several circumstances town administration needed to see as a part of the really useful approval, together with adhering to town’s tree regulation, submitting an odour management plan and extra.

One other concern raised by Commissioner Diana Adams Stacho is the placement of the disabled areas within the proposed plan. The designated areas within the plan have been the furthest from the door, and provided that the power would provide medical marijuana, she mentioned these areas might higher serve purchasers if they have been nearer.

With the unanimous indication of the planning committee, the element now hits to the town commission to make its supreme decision on the subject.

Another issue brought up by Commissioner Deanna Adams-Stachow was the location of the disadvantage areas on the proposed plan. The designated areas on the plan were farther away from the door, and given that the facility will offer medicinal marijuana, she said those spaces could better serve customers if moved closer.

“I would like to propose that that handicap area … be moved to the front of the building, where it would be to the closest entrance where the customers would be coming in so that they would have a short accessibility to your front door,” she said.

With the unanimous recommendation from the planning commission, the item now goes to the city council for its final decision on the matter.

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