Domestic violence suspect arrested after West Covina Car Chase in Police Pursuit


West Covina police were on the 710 Freeway in pursuit of a vehicle from the 105 Freeway heading southbound who was wanted for potential child endangerment, according to reports. During a high-speed chase across Los Angeles County, the suspect’s tyre burst, and he smashed into a parked car, ending the investigation.

Rather than a concern about endangering children, police now believe that the person wanted is a victim of a domestic violence incident. At the intersection of Broadmoor and Workman avenues, officers from West Covina surrounded the suspected domestic abuser and held their firearms drawn. The Scion, purportedly driven by a domestic violence suspect, was being pursued by police.

After leaving West Covina, the chase headed into Southeast Los Angeles through the motorways of Los Angeles. On Whittier’s Telegraph Road in Whittier, officers from West Covina tried to spin out the guy, but the man managed to get onto the 605 Freeway southbound. To get to West Covina, the pursuit took the eastbound 105 Freeway, then the eastbound 10 Freeway, beginning around Compton.

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Once the car reached Inglewood’s surface streets, it re-joined the eastbound 105 highway and entered Compton at speeds of up to 113 mph before returning to the motorway. In the neighbourhood of Norwalk, the driver then merged onto the northbound 605.
A police cruiser attempted to end the pursuit by slamming the suspect’s vehicle on Telegraph Road in Whittier.

The suspect might turn around and head back toward the highway even though his speed has been reduced. As a result of this, he drove on to the northbound 710 from the westbound 105.

West Covina police gave chase suspect a ride before pursuit, shooting – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Eventually, the suspect made his way to the east on State Route 60. The suspect then pursued officers on a number of highways. About an hour later, on a surface street in the East San Gabriel Valley, the driver exited the freeway and was struck by a car. The officers attempted another PIT tactic, and it seemed to work. After turning around, the motorist crashed into a light pole. However, after a brief standoff, they set out again.

However, the suspect’s vehicle was damaged enough to force the end of the chase a short time later. On Broadmoor Avenue near W. Workman Avenue in West Covina, California, the suspect rear-ended a parked car after it appeared one of the suspect’s tyres had gone flat. However, this was not the end of the story.

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The suspect continued to drive away from the police despite having a busted tyre with sparks and flames shooting from the vehicle. FOX 11’s Gina Silva arrived on the site as witnesses claimed to have seen cops firing non-lethal fire at the vehicle. There was also a SWAT vehicle involved in the standoff. The driver is supposedly a suspect in domestic violence, according to West Covina police, although the cause for the chase was not immediately evident.

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