Underdog Bets Legal Marijuana Will Be His Ticket to Kenya’s Presidency

Underdog Bets Legal Marijuana Will Be His Ticket to Kenya's Presidency

When George Wajakoya is elected president of Kenya next week, which is a huge possibility, he will order gardeners to pick the flowers that adorn Nairobi’s brand new 17-mile Chinese highway. and replace them with marijuana.

In a presidential election where the frontrunners are the same old politicians, no one could accuse Professor Wajakoya of making the same old campaign promises. Although his voter turnout is in his low single digits, he could get enough votes to deny the favorites a majority and force a runoff vote that will disrupt Kenyan politics for months.

George Wajackoyah Spices Up Kenya Election With Marijuana And Snake Venom

From street kids to Hare Krishna priests to secret police to lawyers, Professor Wajakoya vows to include the entire country in his four-day action plan. He threatens to deport Chinese workers and plans to export snake venom.

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But more than 70% of Kenya’s population is under the age of 35, and for many of them, Wajakoya is a welcome and sometimes comical relief from the political circles that have ruled the country since independence in 1963.

Underdog Bets Legal Marijuana Will Be His Ticket to Kenya's Presidency - WSJ

“Every reggae club in the country has my picture on it,” he said at a recent campaign stop in Garissa, a dry college town in eastern Kenya about 100 miles from the Somali border. was shining. His 62-year-old candidate, who cruises this East African nation in pot tees, Adidas track pants, athletic sandals, and signature doo rags, amassed enough support to become the kingmaker in October’s runoff vote.

According to a series of recent polls, his approval ratings nationwide range from 1.8% for him to 2.9% for him, lowering his 50% threshold required to declare victory overall. There are no major opponents in the polls that exceed. A June poll put it at 4%.

Underdog Bets Legal Marijuana Will Be His Ticket to Kenya's Presidency - WSJ

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 A Sensation On The Campaign Trail.

Professor Wajakoya’s outsider allegations may be enough to ruin the presidential race between two longtime politicians. Vice President William Ruto calls himself an advocate for working Kenyans. Endorsed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Candidates must win a majority of the national vote and meet district voting criteria to secure victory and avoid the October runoff ballot. Professor Wajackoyah roots his party as his platform to start legalizing marijuana, called Bangi in Swahili.

Professor Wajakoya, who says he doesn’t smoke himself, said that if industrial hemp and medical marijuana were grown in just one county, “Kenya could buy Bill Gates and Microsoft in just two years.”

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