Ukrainian Producer Of Vegetable Meat With New Hemp Protein Superballs

Vegetable meat producers in Ukraine have released a new product including hemp protein: Superballs.

Vegetarianism existed before this term was created. Giving up animal meat is becoming more and more popular, thanks in part to compelling scientific evidence and disturbing footage depicting the barbaric treatment of animals. As a result of this, the availability of information plays a role.

Eat Me At, on the other hand, provided a worthwhile option for those who wanted to avoid eating animal flesh.

Superballs containing hemp protein have been released by plant-based meat company Eat Me At. This was stated in a press release from a business.

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Hemp protein has been substituted by the producer for potato protein, which had been imported from Europe. He was also the first major Ukrainian ingredient to be created.

Antioxidants, B vitamins, and heart-healthy unsaturated fats are all present in hemp protein, making it a superior source of complete protein.

Hemp protein was used in place of potato protein, which had been imported from Europe. And it was this protein that made Ukraine the first country to generate a considerable amount of an important component.

About Hemp Protein

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As a result of its high concentration of heart-healthy unsaturated fat, antioxidants, B vitamins, and all nine of the essential amino acids, it is extremely nutritious. A superfood is another term used to describe it. Eat Me At meat is now an X2 superfood, thanks to the addition of iron-rich koji minerals, yeast extracts rich in vitamins B2, B6, and B12, and soy proteins, according to the manufacturer.

It is the seeds of a Ukrainian hemp type called Glesia that are used to produce the hemp protein used by Eat Me At. The Glukhovsky Institute of Crops, which has been in operation since 1931, made the decision to use it. Among non-narcotic hemp varieties, this one is the most productive. Today, hemp fibre is made and hemp seeds are harvested for hemp oil and protein extractions.

Hemp Protein Superballs

Despite the fact that minced beef is made using cutting-edge techniques, its composition remains obvious.

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  • Textured soy protein rich in vegetable proteins serves as the foundation of this product.
  • It’s the inactive yeast extracts that are responsible for the flavour, and they’re a great source of protein. As a result of current technology, proteins are broken down and amino acids are liberated, resulting in a tastier product.
  • We use koji minerals, which are found naturally in koji mycelium, to give the meat a metallic taste and to address the iron deficiency problem in people’s diets. In Asian cuisine, koji (a species of fungus) is commonly used to make fermented items such as sake and soy sauce, as well as miso and kimchi.
  • We use methylcellulose, a vegetarian alternative to gelatin, to bind minced meat into a solid mass.
  • Add coconut and sunflower oil to the fat content.
  • Natural caramel colouring mimics the colour of beet juice in the meat.

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