Trina’s Trial and Spencer and Esme’s Explosive Confrontation Made for Soapy Goodness on General Hospital

Trina’s Trial and Spencer and Esme’s Explosive Confrontation Made for Soapy Goodness on General Hospital

This week, Trina’s trial went into full swing, with some great episodes from the general hospital. The relationship between Spencer and Esme eventually became the core, which lasted for a long time.

We also took a highly needed and welcome break from the Kali and Nina dramas. And it took too many months, but Austin is finally getting a little more interesting now that he has a mysterious inside story.

And between relaxing in Sonny’s gym and relaxing in the sauna, we’ve certainly delivered a lot of skin this week!

The testimony of Kam and Joss at Trina’s trial was a very powerful scene. Joss was particularly emotional when she broke and described Trina as her best friend since junior high school, who was her only friend who was always there for her.

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This study features many Daytime Emmy Award-worthy performances. It was also fun to see Joss take a page from his mother’s playbook and become a hostile witness on the stand so that it wouldn’t be twisted by ADA. Good for Joss, who stood up for Trina.

Jordan’s statement that Trina wanted to work fully together and help find out who assembled her friend was also great. He hopes she or Trina remembers that Jordan was with Trina when the tape was released, as mentioned in last week’s column.
Spencer is not her only alibi! How did ADA know to call Rory to the Witness Stand and ask him about the Highsider case?
The report nominated only two minor girls, no one. It felt like an exaggeration and only added more evidence to Trina for the drama. Details: Laura Wright is still recovering from COVID I’m glad they finally deal with the camera situation in Sony’s dressing room, explaining that Joss doesn’t have a camera in the dressing room.
But what about the outside? I’m talking about Sonny, so there must be some. This is one of the biggest mistakes in the whole story and I hope it will eventually be used to show that Esme is coming back to get a burner phone.
Spencer finally reveals to Esme that she knew she had taken Joss and Kam and tried to unhook Trina by hanging the identity of a fake biomother in front of her. I made it. It was a great episode to see it all play.
I was wondering for a while if that would work, and if Esme already knew who her mother was. From her reaction, it’s clear that she doesn’t know after all, especially when asked if Victor found her father.

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