Trickster Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, Plot & More Updates in 2023!

Trickster Season 2

The supernatural thriller Trickster fearlessly invaded the silver screen in October 2020 with a riveting demonstration of magic at its grimiest.

In this series by Michelle Latimer and Tony Elliott, indigenous youngster Jared (Joel Oulette) is submerged in a magical realist world.

He’s been confused and troubled by a talking raven, a terrible hairless creature, and an enigmatic otherworldly doppelganger.

Jared finds himself in a difficult situation as he tries to make sense of the unexpected events in his new setting.

The popularity of Season 1 was largely due to its consideration of and research of indigenous culture and mythology.

What are the chances that the show will get a second season after its debut? Is Trickster Season 2 in the works? Let’s investigate.

Trickster Season 2 Renewal Status

The second season of Trickster has been canceled by CBC following a disagreement over co-creator and director Michelle Latimer’s purported indigenous heritage.

The CW chose to telecast the show in the country, where it debuted on January 12 on The CW. The drama has amassed solid ratings for a relatively cheap buy halfway through its six-episode run.

The network will complete airing Season 1 episodes after CBC pulled the plug, but I’ve heard there are no plans to renew the program as a CW original.

Joel Oulette makes his acting debut in the drama, which is based on Eden Robinson’s book Son of a Trickster. Oulette plays a young heroin dealer and Haisla from Kitimat, British Columbia, who starts to see paranormal activity around him.

Latimer’s assertions that she is of Algonquin, Metis, and French ancestry and is originally from the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg and Maniwaki region of Quebec were refuted by CBC in a shocking investigation that was shown in December as writers for Season 2 were working on their scripts.

Following the claims, two producers walked away from Trickster in protest, and Latimer ultimately resigned from the show after issuing an apology.

Trickster Storyline

Trickster Season 2

Jared, a 17-year-old who is the youngest member of his family but is treated like an adult in every way, is the focus of the episode. He makes an effort to lead a typical high school life while concentrating on his schoolwork, but a series of events prompts him to reevaluate who he is.

Jared’s parents, who first may be mistaken for any typical couple, are raising him. His father, a shapeshifter, and mother, a witch, are both magically gifted. That’s just absurd, right? Jared, meanwhile, is unaware of his parents’ mystical talents and has no idea that they even exist.

Trickster Season 2 Cast and characters


  • Joel Oulette as Jared
  • Crystle Lightning as Maggie, Jared s mother
  • Kalani Queypo as Wade
  • Nathan Alexis as Crashpad, Jared s best friend
  • Anna Lambe as Sarah
  • Georgina Lightning as Sophia, Jared s grandmother


  • Craig Lauzon as Phil Nelson, Jared s father
  • Joel Thomas Hynes as Richie, Maggie s boyfriend
  • Mark Camacho as Tony
  • Gail Maurice as Georgina
  • Jamie Spilchuk as Mr. Good, a school guidance counselor
  • William C. Cole as Mr. Jacks

Trickster Season 1 Recap

In the first episode’s opening sequence, a baby’s cries can be heard in the woods. Then a woman who had been hiding in the shadows appears and asks, “Where are you going?” The father exits with the baby in his arms.

The woman begs the man to be her child’s father. Every time he fixes his gaze on the woman, the man’s eyes get absolutely dark. He then makes a U-turn away from the girl.

The woman shouts and sobs in pain. The scene then cuts to the present, when we observe a young man strolling down the street while donning headphones and listening to hip-hop.

He was strolling along the road with no worry in the world when a black dog came up to him in an unexpected way.

He was even more terrified of the dog as he started to run away while the scary music played. The dog gets killed when he is struck by a woman’s car. A man starts screaming “baby killer” at another. The man enters, and the two of them immediately take off in a car.

The lady turns out to be his mother, and she gives him a cigar. The instructor returns the students’ graded work in the afternoons, and Jared’s mother drives him to school.

The teacher tells him that he has room for improvement and that he meets with the school counselor after class.

Sitting in the hallway, Jared and the other child exchange meals. Dylan enters, starts babbling, and taunts the other kid, prompting him to throw his food. Jared finds his living room crowded with people when he gets home.

Jared closes the door to his room and withdraws. When Jared first finds out about his family’s mystical power, his life initially appears to be very ordinary.

After Jared’s horrific encounter with Wade, a trickster-like mythical creature, Season 2 might focus more on Jared’s identity and his changed demeanor.

Jared and Sarah might cross paths since the finale of the previous season led them down separate ways.

The next season might also feature Mave, Jared’s strong aunt and a significant character in Trickster Drift, the second book in the trilogy on which season 2 is based.

Trickster Season 2 Release Date

Trickster Season 2

The Canadian horror program will not be broadcast, according to the CW. Unfortunately, it won’t happen either. Trickster was canceled for reasons other than low viewership, namely the controversy surrounding Michelle Latimer, the show’s creator.

CBC decided to cancel the show even though she had previously left it for Season 2 to focus on other projects.

Despite being a rating success for The CW’s new acquisition, the show won’t return for a second season.

If The CW decides to salvage the show, they may decide to air it during the entire summer or in the midst of the season.

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Where to Watch Trickster?

Trickster is available for viewing in the US on a number of platforms, including Direct TV Now, AMC NOW, and Spectrum NOW. The series is now broadcast on Sky in the UK.

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