Toronto Charges Peter Nygard With Two Additional Sexual Assaults

Peter Nygard, a disgraced former fashion magnate. He accuses of two fresh counts of sexual assault in Toronto by two new people.
During a brief court hearing on Wednesday. No information is provides regarding the charges, dates, or locations of the alleged crimes.

In an email issue on Thursday, Toronto police say Nygard gets a charge with two counts of sexual assault on June 15. By the department’s human trafficking squad.

Nygard faces 11 sexual assault allegations in Toronto. Three counts of forcible imprisonment stemming from claims made between the late 1980s and the middle of the 2000s.

In Quebec, he charges with sexual assault and imprisoned against his will. On July 8 in Montreal, he will make another court appearance.

Nygard could also be extradited to the United States to face sex-related charges.

He is not in Toronto on Wednesday for the court hearing. Neville Gowalla. Who works for the Crown, said he wouldn’t leave his cell at the Toronto South Detention Centre to go to the video conference room.

The Ontario Court of Justice’s justice of the peace thought Nygard might be sick.

“He refused to attend his arraignment,” the judge said, according to Shannon Moroney, a trauma therapist in Toronto who watched the court hearing online.

Allegations by Victims

She is helping dozens of people in Toronto and other places who say Nygard hurt them. Some of these people were with her at the hearing on Wednesday.

“When part of his allegations is a force of confinement. All of his counts are for forcing himself into women and girls. Survivors are upset,” Moroney said.
When I contacted Nygard’s lawyers in Winnipeg and Toronto on Thursday, neither Jay Prober nor Brian Greenspan would say anything.

Nygard is set to go back to court in Toronto on June 29. In January, he said that he couldn’t get bail and couldn’t talk to any of his accusers.

Kai Bickle, who doesn’t live with Nygard, also watched the court hearing online on Wednesday. He is happy about the new charges and how brave the women were to come forward.

He says that Nygard, who “had a lot of money and a lot of connections,” sued “anyone who spoke out,” making people feel alone and isolated.

“Now that he is in jail, you realize you are not the only survivor. You also know that he doesn’t have as much power as he used to, “Bickle, the executive ambassador of the All for Humanity Alliance, a global organization fighting to eliminate human trafficking and child exploitation, stated the following.

“I’m not shocked there are more accusations.”

Publication bans keep victims’ names concealed.

Nygard consistently claims innocence, and none of his accusations have been verified.

Since December 2020, he’s been jailed. In Winnipeg on nine sex-related allegations from New York. Toronto police arrested and put him there in October.

After his Canadian trial, he’ll face the exact charges in the US.

Questions about how complaints handled in Manitoba

Nygard ran his international fashion empire out of Winnipeg, but eight women there have said he sexually assaulted them. At this time, there are no formal charges against him.

Moroney and Bickle want the Winnipeg Police Service and the provincial Department of Justice to explain how they dealt with these complaints. They say the women deserve to know what happened.

“An investigation will show that there are no reasonable, acceptable reasons why they aren’t getting justice,” said Moroney.

“Justice can’t just be based on chance. People in one province can’t have it, and people in another can’t.”

She claimed survivors are glad and upset by new claims. She says it proves their protests are ignored. Even though they help each other and want Nygard safe.

“Seeing the wheels of justice hurts and frightens these Manitoba survivors anew.” Seeing the wheels of justice turn hurts and traumatizes these Manitoba victims again.

“moving for other survivors in other parts of the world,” she said, but not for them.

“There isn’t faith and no trust. And the fact that no one is charged shows that.”
Bickle also says that Manitoba’s handling of this case sent the wrong message to the hurt people.

“It doesn’t say they should call the police. It tells them to keep quiet because nothing will happen, “he said.

He wants to know, “What did we do? What went wrong, and what can we do to stop it from happening again?” sure it doesn’t happen again?”

In a statement to Reporters

The Winnipeg Police Service said that their sex crimes unit “did a lot of work” to look into these cases.

Manitoba Justice “refused to authorize criminal charges” against Nygard, according to a written statement.

“Coming forward after a sexual assault takes courage.

We recognize and respect the decisions made by justice officials and sometimes by survivors not to go ahead with criminal proceedings, “it said.

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