TikTok: What Does Mid Mean?

You’ve undoubtedly seen “mid” in TikTok comments, captions, or videos and thought, “What does that mean?” It began with, “It’s the midwest because everything is MID…” One TikTok user declared the midwest “mid,” and others used the sound to share their “mid” experiences. It immediately became a craze and is now in every TikTok user’s vocabulary.

What’s TikTok mid? Read if you’ve seen this word on TikTok.

TikTok Mid?

Mid means mediocre. Just fine. Average. Mid. It means “mediocre.”

Since we know what “Mid” is and where it came from, we can discuss its utilization on the platform. TikTok users have their slang phrases, which can be perplexing. One of these phrases is mid, which is used to denote something gaining unwarranted praise, such as a poorly made video with many views. Users share music, paintings, altered movies, etc., and commenters call them “mid” as though they could do better.

This is a screenshot of a TikTok video that got “abused” for being “mid” and not good enough to gain more views.
Positive remarks on social media can affect the person behind the account receiving them.

Here are some positive-thinking tips:

Be aware of your interactions.
What on social media makes you happy?
If needed, take a rest.
Don’t let remarks or platforms ruin your day.
TikTok has mental health resources if its users need them.

Tara Wadhwa, the company’s policy director, adds, “We care strongly about our neighborhood.” We’re taking extra steps to help folks access resources on TikTok.

Safety Center provides app wellness tips.

What do you think of TikTok’s mid? Is it familiar?

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