The Vitamin Shoppe now offers the Precise THC-Free Liposomal CBD and Topical products from Hemp2Lab on their website, Visit to discover more about Precise CBD products.

Through its exclusive Element6 Liposomal technology, which offers up to 10x the absorption rates and better efficacy, Precise Liposomal THC-Free CBD delivers a therapeutic grade, novel delivery method. Particular CBD products are doctor-formulated and created in the USA by a scientific team with 70 years of collective experience who oversee the whole production process in a Food Grade Certified facility.

According to Bill Margaritis, CEO of Hemp2Lab, the company that makes the Precise products, “a typical issue with most CBD products is that our stomach and liver vaporize roughly 85% of the nutrients, and the oil is not readily absorbed into the circulation. Margaritis said, “Our products are provided with liposomes manufactured from organic sunflower lecithin and transformed into a water-soluble solution to prevent the nutrients from degrading.

According to Margaritis, the Precise Clinical Grade line is intended for affluent customers who need high-performance goods supported by research and have uncompromising quality, safety, and consistency.

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Precise CBD products

The Vitamin Shoppe website at promotes and offers the following Precise CBD products for sale straight to customers.

  • CBD THC-Free Muscle Relief Roll-On
  • CBD THC-Free Hemp Oil Tincture
  • CBD THC-Free Sleep Improvement Tincture
  • CBD THC-Free Muscle Relief Cream
  • CBD THC-Free Immune Boost Tincture

The Precise CBD products, which are only available at healthcare and wellness retailers, are recognized for their high quality and dependability because of their connection with Vitamin Shoppe.

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Hemp2Lab is a pioneer in the production of high-quality wellness products and provides a variety of CBD-infused and nutraceutical items to its customers. By using facilities that have been awarded the Food Grade Certification, the company ensures the highest possible standards of safety, quality, and performance.

The collective knowledge of the group’s leaders spans more than a century and a half in the fields of science, engineering, and agriculture. Rossville, Tennessee is the location of the facility that is compliant with cGMP and is 10,000 square feet in size.

The safety grade for the extraction lab is C1D1, and it has a Through its blockchain-based data capture platform, the company gives its customers unrestricted access to the information they need for the whole of the manufacturing process life cycle.

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