The Hemp and Cannabis Symposium will be hosted on September 17, 2022

As the event shifts to its new annual fall schedule, the next Southern Illinois Hemp and Cannabis Symposium will be held on September 17th. Traditionally, the popular event at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is held in the spring.

Although the Southern Illinois Hemp and Cannabis Symposium’s schedule has shifted from spring to fall, the Symposium will continue to provide the same educational programming as in the previous three years.

All Are Welcome

The conference is accessible to anybody interested in the cultivation and commercialization of hemp and cannabis products. At the first two conferences, participants included researchers, producers, exhibitors, vendors, students, and other members of the community.

This third annual conference will be held at the SIU Carbondale Student Center and is open to anybody interested in the cultivation and marketing of hemp and cannabis products. The symposium slated for September 17 will begin at 8 a.m. and will include a continental breakfast and lunch.

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Dis cuss More AboutHemp and Cannabis

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the potential for growing and marketing hemp and cannabis products. In addition to discussing Farm Bill challenges and federal restrictions, the speakers will focus on statewide initiatives in Illinois and regional initiatives across the Midwest.

Numerous organizations’ experts will discuss the cultivation and commercialization of hemp and cannabis products in Illinois, the newest breakthroughs in the use of hemp materials in architecture and construction; the development of new cultivars; and much more. There will also be displays and exhibits demonstrating contemporary production technologies and consumer goods.

Hemp breeders will also explore the development of novel cultivars tailored for Illinois or for use in innovative row crop production systems in which fiber, seed, and THC can be collected from the same plant. A prominent innovator will also explain the creation of a business strategy for transporting fiber hemp from the farm to the processing facility.

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Participants will also learn about recent innovations in the usage of hemp-based building materials. In addition to consumer products, exhibitors and providers will showcase innovative cannabis-producing technologies.

Chris Berry of the Illinois Hemp Growers Association, Oussama Baghdad of Trilogene, DoKyoung Lee of the University of Illinois, Patrick Van Meter of Midwest Natural Fiber, Justin Swanson of the Midwest Hemp Council, Jacob Waddell of the US Hemp Building Association, and Ryan Doherty of Hemp Ventures are among the potential symposium speakers.


  • Start:

June 17, 2020

  • End:

June 18, 2020


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