The Days of Our Lives Comeback That Would Turn All of Salem Upside Down

The Days of Our Lives Comeback That Would Turn All of Salem Upside Down

While Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of July 11–22 indicate that Lucas and Sami will be married, it appears that they will not.

With Sami’s departure scheduled for July 15, there is little time for a redo.

Occasionally, the entrance of a single character is sufficient to warm up stale tales, pull characters out of the corner they’ve been painted into, and add a little additional love to the painting. In the instance of Philip on Days of Our Lives, the reintroduction!

We are aware that by the time Kate and Victor snuck their son out of town the last time, most of his admirers had given up on him. A once-viable character had been thrown so far off the deep end that it appeared he would never be found again. But, if handled well, his reappearance could be just what Salem needs to shake things up!

Initially, there are Chloe and Brady. Since reuniting, they have not exactly been the most captivating couple in Salem. Of course, that is if they are even on. In fact, the most thrilling event in their recent history was arguably the thirty seconds in which Brady speculated that Belle was Chloe’s secret lover! She did not.

When Craig left Nancy and began dating Leo, it appeared that this was an excuse to reunite Chloe and Brady. And that was acceptable until it actually occurred. Since Craig’s departure, the two have essentially only been in a relationship in name since that time. If there seems to be no narrative to tell, it’s probably because there hasn’t been one.

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Days of Our Lives: Philip’s Return Could Save Lucas, Chloe & Brady

But if Philip were to return, it would be hard not to disrupt their lives. According to their knowledge, he is deceased! That doesn’t mean he should come back as the same crazy, paranoid scumbag and make their lives miserable again, but he may come back after treatment truly sorry.

He could even attempt an apology. “I’m sorry, I faked my own death and framed you, Brady.” They could either accept it and move on, leaving the door open for Philip to win Chloe’s heart again (which seems improbable), or they could throw it back in his face and start up a rivalry that would give the couple something to do other than go on dinner dates. Nothing stirs the blood more than mutual animosity!

Stephanie DiMera is on the verge of returning to Riverdale. Philip and Steph were on the verge of getting married, but she could not tolerate being embroiled in the Kiriakis/DiMera dispute. Faking your own death and framing another person for murder is not exactly a minor offense.

Why, if she was willing to give up Ava blaming law enforcement for Gwen’s crimes, wouldn’t she also be willing to give up this? Taking action against a member of the powerful Kiriakis clan would send a stronger message than locking up Lucas.

Victor would either negotiate to get his son out of jail or devise a plan to oust Trask and replace her with someone who would let Philip out, releasing him to wreak havoc on the town once again—and don’t think he’d be content to let Sonny rule Titan!

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