The A List Season 3: Release Date, Cast, And More Updates in 2023!


You’ve certainly seen a lot of teen dramas before, but The A List adds a fresh and intriguing spin to the genre. The show borrows heavily from classic horror, survival, and fantasy works as well as some teenage rivalry a la Mean Girls, yet creators Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier still manage to create something fresh.
A gang of teenagers is the subject of the tale, which is set on the enigmatic Peregrine Island, where the dead come back to life.

The plot begins as any typical teen drama would, but quickly devolves into a nightmare with ghosts, a covert science club, a girl who appears nasty but has a lot of magical abilities, and characters who lose track of who they really are. The show’s first season premiered in 2018, and there have since been two additional seasons, both of which have transferred from BBC to Netflix.

The A List Season Cast

  • Lisa Ambalavanar as Mia
  • Ellie Duckles as Amber
  • Savannah Baker as Kayleigh
  • Cian Barry as Dave
  • Eleanor Bennett as Jenna
  • Jacob Dudman (Series 1) and Barnaby Tobias (Series 2 present) as Dev
  • Benjamin Nugent as Harry
  • Rosie Dwyer as Alex
  • Jack Kane as Zac
  • Max Lohan as Luka
  • Nneka Okoye as Mags
  • Micheal Ward as Brendan
  • Georgina Sadler as Petal
  • Indiana Ryan as Midge
  • Dylan Brady as Sam Sutherland
  • Byron Easman as Fitz
  • Finty Williams as Dr. Shaw
  • Abbie Hirst as Dr Kelman

The A List Season 3 Plot


Where the first season left off, the second season picks up with Mia, Harry, and Petal returning to the island to protect other people. The others are confined at the Lockwell Institute on Peregrine Island, where Mags worked in season one. In the second season, we also get to know Midge, and we find out that she and Mia have been blood sisters since they were young. Midge is upset as Mia decides to deceive him once more.

The girl created by the experiment, Amber, has a significant role in the conclusion when she switches sides. The season and the story ends when Midge and Mia get together. It becomes obvious that the source of all the unusual things is animosine, a mysterious substance. Midge is set free after Alex and her pals manage to eliminate the animosine in time.

The pals return to their regular lives in the final few minutes of the season. Harry gains fame as more people learn about the mysteries of the island.

It’s possible that the third season will continue where the second one did. It might potentially take a completely different turn. Amber could have a significant impact on the plot after changing her mind last season. We don’t know what will happen to Harry if he divulges the existence of the island to the public because the organization that funds the operation is run by powerful individuals.

It was shot end of the second season and there is still some animosity on the island. The doctor also administers an animosity injection to Jenna, but we are unsure of its potential negative effects.

Mia might cross paths with Luca once more in what is assumed to be the third season. Nothing is certain in the show’s fictional world. Therefore, we anticipate that the third season will take several unexpected turns.

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The A List Series Ratings

The A List’s second season has been streamed to completion. The A-List has two very entertaining seasons, each with a compelling plot including teen turmoil and well-written characters. The show only receives a 5.4/10 on IMDb, while 65% of Google users thought it was worth viewing.

The A List Age Rating

The A-List has a TV-14 classification, meaning it contains some material that many parents would prefer their children under 14 not watch. Parents are advised not to let children under the age of 14 watches this show alone and are strongly recommended to keep a closer eye on it.

This program may feature sequences with extremely violent or sexual content, strong crude language, or intensely suggestive dialogue.

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The A List Season 3 Release Date


On June 25, 2021, the entirety of The A List’s second season was released on Netflix. The second season has eight episodes with a runtime of 25 to 28 minutes each.

Let’s consider what the third chapter of this intriguing young drama would be like. It required a lot of faith and guts for Netflix to revive the show after the BBC canceled it after the first season. Whether or not the show will return for a third season is still unknown according to Netflix. Before we can confirm anything regarding season 3, we must wait a while as the streaming service takes a few months to decide whether or not to renew a show.

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