Thanks to Coastal Dispensary: Concord’s Top Adult-Use Cannabis Storefront and Delivery Service Is Now Open 

The award-winning cannabis directory website and mobile application, Leafythings, a thought leader in the cannabis industry, recommends an independent, complementary cannabis supply chain in Ontario.

Leafy things, a mobile application, and a cannabis directory site, just introduced another independent cannabis supply chain in Ontario. The Leafythings platform is a digital conglomeration of independent, regulated brands and retailers from the cannabis retail industry.

Utilizing Google NASDAQ: GOOGL and open source tools, Leafythings’ shops, and brands have all been developed. Canada has a $3 billion market for independent cannabis supply networks, which is the same size as the regulated supply chain.

The firm has an in-depth familiarity with the Canadian cannabis consumer as a result of the market’s size and feedback from Leafythings and other industry professionals. It presents operational shortcomings that might potentially transfer into broader industry problems.

“Local Canadian farmers and growers have been a part of the independent cannabis supply chain for more than 40 years. They have worked to illustrate the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis through evidence-based research and development approaches.

Nima Derek of Leafythings states this. “These individuals have spent many hours pushing politicians on behalf of cannabis businesses and clients to allow for the use and possession of marijuana. Despite being Canadian citizens and public members, they have been ignored and excluded from the current process.”

According to Derek, the monopolization of the cannabis supply chain in Ontario, heavy regulation, and financial barriers have made life very difficult for independent cultivators and retailers in Canada. These obstacles prevent them from succeeding as entrepreneurs.

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Delivery of Cannabis Has Problems

“The function of the government should not be expanded to include serving as a middleman for cannabis distribution; it should be restricted to cannabis regulation. Delivery is the essential duty of modern civilization. What would occur if the retail partners of the liquor business stopped getting deliveries? This never happens, “Derek said.

The Riviera Creek Products
The Riviera Creek Products

“It never happens due to the dynamics of our dispersed, independent food supply system. No other industry encounters it, including the tens of thousands of convenience stores in Canada.”

Since last week, the Ontario Cannabis Store’s logistical partner has been under cyberattack, preventing the store from processing or transporting cannabis to dispensaries and consumers.

Leafy things said that they want to work with industry partners at the OCS to establish a better and upgraded model after more than three years of cannabis legalization.

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“It is not in the interest of the Canadian taxpayer to take an industry that already existed, disregard it, and establish a new system that ignores the other 50% of consumers. Let’s face it: as the only distributor and online retailer, the OCS have just acted as another ineffective and superfluous department of the government, “Derek went on.

“Access to cannabis is highly valued by millions of individuals throughout Canada. The recent service disruption experienced by the OCS here in Ontario may result in the termination of access for many users, “Cannabis user Kunal Vora from the area claimed.

And then:

“The $3 billion uncontrolled cannabis sector and the $3 billion regulated business must coexist. It would not be very intelligent to go on in the present direction. We are making a clear and logical recommendation to the Ontario Cannabis Store, “The company said.

“Cannabis laws and supply chains in Ontario may be governed similarly to how food is. Independent third parties certify organic food in compliance with the Canadian Organic Standards; however, there are no mandatory organic food certification companies inside the food supply chain. We may create impartial, transparent cannabis standards that aid Health Canada in achieving its objectives.”

Derek said, “the development of a body like the Canadian Food Inspection Organization is suggested. It is the job of this agency to maintain samples and certificates of analysis from anybody selling into the independent supply chain for the sake of product recalls.”

According to Leafythings, they are developing a plan for Ontario, a province with a strong economy, to assist in easing supply chain management challenges and advancing the legalization cause.

The business wants to bridge the gap between consumers and companies while advancing public health initiatives.
“We are delighted and overjoyed to be one of Concord’s first adult-use stores and to provide the local community a high-rate customer experience.

We take our duty as one of the few dispensaries in the area very seriously. We are dedicated to being a considerate, dependable, and responsible community partner and feel that it is essential for businesses to collaborate, “Coastal’s co-founder and CEO Julian Michalowski made this statement.

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The Concord City Council

The Concord City Council, as well as Mayor Dominic Aliano, were present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Aliano said, “On behalf of the City of Concord, we are thrilled to welcome Coastal to the community. “Coastal proved they are seasoned operators and dedicated to introducing cannabis to our community safely and appropriately throughout the licensing process. We anticipate Coastal’s continuous assistance to our community financially and via volunteer work.”

Caliva, Fun Uncle, Deli, Heavy Hitters, and Jeeter are just a few of the top cannabis brands Coastal has selected for its Concord market-specific menu. According to Michalowski, “our tailored inventory selection assures that all customers—new or experienced—will find the things they are searching for.

“Our enthusiastic and educated staff can assist lead consumers to the goods that most closely match their requirements. Our storefront is created to offer a friendly and pleasant experience for all consumers, and our retail experience is centered on service and education, “He added.

In addition, Coastal will pay tribute to the life and work of its late managing partner, Keith Burks, a well-known and respected local businessman and lifelong resident of Concord. The loss of Keith to Coastal and the Concord neighborhood is immeasurable.

Keith’s Legacy

Coastal is dedicated to continuing Keith’s legacy and will observe March 17 as Keith Burks Day in his honor. The annual commemoration will include in-store activities, educational lectures, and promotions, as well as volunteer initiatives for causes Keith was passionate about.

The Park & Shop retail center’s strategically situated at 1847 Willow Pass Road. It is home to the Concord location of Coastal. On September 1, from 12 to 9 p.m., there will be a public Grand Opening celebration with live music, non-cannabis gifts, raffles, goodie bags, and more. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. All customers must be at least 21 years old and have a doctor’s note.

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