Steve Harvey’s Wife Marjorie Leaves Him Astounded In This Sexy Outfit

Steve Harvey's Wife Marjorie Leaves Him Astounded In This Sexy Outfit

Steve Harvey Has All His Eyes On His Wife

Steve Harvey is not afraid to tell his wife, Marjorie, that he only has his wife’s best interests at heart. The couple, who have been married for 15 years, were recently in Paris and had a great time together. As expected, they both dressed to impress, but Steve’s reaction to Majorie’s latest ensemble was a complete surprise.

Majorie appears in a black blazer dress with gold pin closure and metallic detailing in a 30-second video posted on July 6. She wore a simple pair of stud earrings and gold heels to finish the look. It’s unclear if the blazer was intended to be worn as a dress, but Steve was impressed by her avant-garde ensemble.


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The First Cute Meet

To put it another way, since their first meeting in 1990, they need more time together. As a result, it’s safe to assume that the two of them have been friends for at least two decades. They have a devoted following in the United States.

Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey met at a comedy show in Memphis, Tennessee. Steve Harvey captivated them when they arrived at the comedy show.

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Marjorie’s arrival brought a halt to Harvey’s performance. He kept an eye on her from wherever she sat because she had reserved a seat right in front of the stage. He spent so much time watching Marjorie that she thought he would include her in the comedy show. That, however, is not the case. It’s not a problem at all.

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Steve and Majorie Relationship: Then and Now

Meet Steve Harvey's family: wife, ex-wives, and children -

In an interview, Steve revealed he proposed to Marjorie by drizzling a diamond ring into her chocolate mousse dessert when they first met. The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation co-founders celebrated their 15th anniversary this year. Since he has expressed his undying love and gratitude for her. Steve mentioned she is the only one who is responsible for his current situation.

She already had children when she married Harvey, who adopted them all and now has seven children and many grandchildren.
Even though Harvey had to run a long distance to get there, it is said that he is now living the life of a winner with his wife Marjorie and their children and grandchildren.

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About Majorie Harvey

Marjorie Harvey began her career as a fashion designer at a young age. She is well-known as a fashion blogger for the well-known company The Lady Loves Couture. Along with the Marjorie Harvey Closet, she also launched the Marjorie Harvey Handbags online shops.

In addition, her marriage to Think Like a Man author Steve Harvey drew attention from the media. Marjorie Harvey has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Her career as a fashion designer has earned her a substantial amount of money. Marjorie’s husband also provides her with an annual salary that’s well above average.

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