Colbert brings in sound effects for fun to Josh Hawley’s Capitol evacuation footage

Colbert Adds Comedy Sound Effects to Footage of Josh Hawley

Following the conclusion of the committee’s primetime hearings on Thursday, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert went live once more, and no politician was spared. The committee’s members detailed how former President Trump watched Fox News and rejected requests to speak out to denounce the mob violence escalating at the Capitol. The funnyman mainly stuck to one-liner-type answers to arguments presented by the committee.

On the other hand, sound effects were used to mock Senator Josh Hawley, who was famous for pumping his fist as he entered the Capitol on Election Day 2020. The politician was hammered by Colbert around the 9:19 point in the video above for how swiftly he left the Capitol following his memorable gesture to Trump fans on the way in. Senator Josh Hawley, who memorably raised a fist in solidarity with the crowd before entering Congress that day, was then brought up by the committee.

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It turns out he wasn’t so eager to stand with them once the crowd broke into the building,” Colbert stated before displaying the film of the senator fleeing in a hurry. Afterwards, he re-watched the video in slow motion. Yep, that’s right. Colbert said, “Look at him go,” to laughter. “Jim, can we turn up the audio on that?” Cartoon-style sound effects were added to the video at that stage. Colbert’s whole speech is available in the video, but here are some of the best lines:

“We’re getting a sequel in September and a Fall hearing is great because the former president is Pumpkin Spice,” one committee member said of the committee’s upcoming hearings in September. “He opted not to act,” Colbert added after showing footage of Rep. Adam Kinzinger stating Trump chose not to intervene as violence erupted. “Home Alone 2″ received the same critical acclaim.”

“There’s nothing odd about Trump watching Fox News during the protests,” Trump said. It’s just an older man parked in front of Fox News all day, wondering where the president is. ” Afterwards, a video clip of a committee member running through a list of things Trump did not do on January 6 was shown to the audience. “I’ll let you in on a little secret. Why don’t you try some salad? Let him know how proud I am of him if you can.

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Pray for God’s grace before having a bowel movement I’ve been thinking about it. It’s time to get elected.” Playing Joe Biden’s Jan. 6 speech in which he pleaded with Trump to stop the mob, My God, who was that charismatic young man? In his stride, there is a burst of vitality. It would help if you voted for him. Joe Biden has to be awakened and told that we’ve identified his replacement.

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