State lawmakers push federal marijuana reform


A resolution supporting federal marijuana legalization and encouraging Congress to implement cannabis banking legislation was passed by the National Conference of State Legislatures. Even though the secretary of state confirmed that petitioners collected enough signatures for a marijuana legalization initiative, the Arkansas Board of Election Commissioners still refused to validate the ballot title and popular moniker.

The highest court in the state will probably have to hear the matter. The California Assembly Appropriations Committee has set next week as the deadline for bills to clear a crucial legislative hurdle and become law that would legalize possession of psychedelics, authorize interstate marijuana agreements, and mandate that localities allow medical cannabis delivery, all of which had previously passed the California Senate.

Fed cannabis arrests keep dropping as more states legalize (Newsletter: May 24, 2022) - Marijuana Moment

According to data compiled by the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation, July was the second best month ever for sales of marijuana for adult use. There was also a record high in sales of cannabidiol isolates.

According to a new study, the number of applications to colleges in states where marijuana is legal is higher. Still, this advantage is waning as more states legalize the drug and students have more alternatives for attending school in cannabis-friendly jurisdictions around the country.

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The United States Department of Agriculture released a brief podcast discussing difficulties facing the expanding hemp market. Louisiana Democrat Troy Carter introduced legislation to allow for the expungement of marijuana convictions.


Chris Jones, a Democratic candidate for governor in Arkansas, has stated his support for a ballot measure to legalize marijuana. Republican senators in California are pressing Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to veto a measure that would allow drug consumption facilities. Republicans in the New Jersey legislature are emphasizing a study that shows the dangers of super-strong marijuana.

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The previous head of marijuana regulation in New Mexico is now employed by a cannabis consultancy firm named Weeds. Regulation authorities in Washington state have proposed adjusting the marijuana industry’s existing social equity regulations. Vermont officials started accepting applications for marijuana retail licenses four weeks ahead of schedule.

State officials in New York released a synopsis of public feedback on planned regulations for marijuana dispensaries, along with their responses. The state of Colorado is releasing a database for the hemp industry. Marijuana firms in Nevada complain to regulators that they are receiving unreasonable hourly billing rates.

Michigan authorities have made available a form for people who have had negative responses to cannabis products to report them. Iowa’s Department of Public Health officials has released a report detailing the state’s medical cannabis program.

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