Stallone: ‘Being in Oklahoma has prepared me for a lifetime in hell if I got sent there’


Sylvester Stallone is currently filming a new series in Tulsa, Oklahoma, acting as the boss of a criminal organization. However, the actor hasn’t had the best time in Sooner State due to the heat wave.

Unfortunately, it told Stallone, “Being in Oklahoma is definitely ready for life in hell if I’ve been sent there.” These are some tough words that can certainly get out of context, but there’s a lot of reaction from people who understand what Stallone is talking about. One fan even said that Oklahoma has long been one of the hottest summers.

Hopefully the Oklahoma people don’t mind his comments. In fact, Sylvester Stallone recently said, “I’m here in southwestern Paris.” Unfortunately, the whole world seems to be suffering from heat waves. Therefore, Stallone has to spend a long day in the sun while shooting this new series. This new series, called Tulsa King, will be released on Paramount + later this year.

Stallone will assume the role of Dwightman Freddie, the boss of a former criminal organization released from prison after 25 years in prison. He was then expelled from New York by another boss and forced to set up an organization in Tulsa. At least his series is accurate, as the shoots take place in certain areas around Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

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Sylvester Stallone keeps fans and friends up-to-date on his life through his Instagram page with his comments on the comparison between Oklahoma and Hell. He also states that he will stay in the state until he finishes shooting the series on August 20th. Well, he might finish the shoot soon and stay there for the necessary reshoots and narration work.

Still, he seems to be doing a lot more to deal with this heat. Given that most celebrities live in Los Angeles, California, it’s a bit strange to hear someone complain about the heat in another state. California is generally one of the hottest states during the summer.

Sylvester Stallone will leave Oklahoma on August 20th, probably due to a press tour of his new movie Samaritan. Action stars revisit the superhero genre when they play a former superhero who disappeared after years of protecting the city as a vigilant. When the town becomes much more dangerous, the boy asks to return to the Samaritans.

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The film is similar to Hancock in that Will Smith played a shameful superhero who regained his life. The movie will debut on Amazon Prime Video on August 26th. Fortunately, Sylvester Stallone starred in this new superhero movie in a foggy and overcast city.

He probably shot this in Chicago and New York, but it doesn’t seem to be as hot as California or Oklahoma in general. Still, you’ll see the Tulsa King premiere on November 13th. Hopefully, Stallone’s sadness will be a great TV show.

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