Spatty Daddy Net Worth, Shark Tank Show Updates and After Success of Shark Tank Show Aired

Spatty Daddy Net Worth, Shark Tank Show Updates and After Success of Shark Tank Show Aired

Cheryl Rigdon is the inventor of Spatty, one of the simplest yet most useful products ever seen on the Shark Tank Show. The inspiration to develop Spatty came inside a make-up jar when she realized how much she was wasting by not getting it all to come out.

An issue each one of us has had to deal with several different containers. The Spatty and, therefore, the Spatty Daddy can pay for themselves in no time.

Cheryl came into Shark Tank with an excellent idea, but she lacked the needed contacts to bring her invention to the world. She was only posing for $50,000.00 and was willing to offer up 40% of the new business to form a partnership with one or more Sharks.

The Spatty - Shark Tank Blog

Rigdon gives an honest presentation on the several products most people throw away because it’s nearly impossible getting all of them out of the containers. She then whips out the small 3″ long Spatty, and the larger Spatty Daddy used.

All the Sharks start laughing hysterically due to such a simple idea to an age-old problem, and then, come on, a spatty that features a daddy? A brilliant and very easy name to instantly remember this product.

The Spatty Daddy Spatula cleans up after Shark Tank No Deal - Kirk Taylor

The Spatty and, therefore, the Spatty Daddy sold around 15 products on eBay before the Shark Tank as a test to see how well they’d sell. Cheryl’s been making them reception and needs the investment to get the molds and professional packaging to bring them to market.

When asked how she plans to sell them, Cheryl responds that she thinks they’d sell excellent on QVC with a big smile in Lori Greiner’s direction. She also thinks Spatty would sell with Mary Kay Cosmetics and Avon, considering their vast network of associates.

As good of an idea as the spatty is, it also had some pitfalls the Sharks instantly recognized that might pose a problem. The one concern was how much could you charge for two miniaturized spatulae?

How could the Sharks scale up this idea and make it into a full-fledged business with only two simple products? All the Sharks proceed to go out except for Lori. Her #1 concern was the worth point and would it be a good fit for QVC.

Although Cheryl was very realistic in her valuation and willing to give up 40% of the invention at the beginning of negotiations, Greiner was still unable to justify investing in Spatty or his Daddy.

Daymond John did offer to assist, put Cheryl in contact with the right people, and get her headed in the right direction, which is worth its weight in gold for someone in her position.

After the Shark Tank Show Update

Cheryl might not cater to the Sharks, but this didn’t deter her from bringing the Spatty to plug. After the Shark Tank aired, her website was flooded with thousands of tourists pre-ordering the Spatty and the Spatty Daddy, which helped her cover the prototypes to bring this to market.

Daymond John kept his word and continued to assist Cheryl in any way he could. This won’t be a big enough deal for the Sharks as an investment, but it’s an ideal home business that’ll continue paying dividends for many years in the future.

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Spatty on Shark Tank

The Spatty Daddy Spatula cleans up after Shark Tank No Deal - Kirk Taylor

Rigdon entered the tank hoping to score an investment deal of $500,000. Spatty was a moment hit with the Sharks, and they were excited to venture into this portion of the market.

But, things began to require a U-turn when the Sharks learned more about Rigdon’s lack of experience in business and market awareness.

Kevin and Mark went out of the deal as they would’ve had to put a lot of work into basics, and Robert and Lori had doubts about the worth point and the product’s ability to sell.

All the Sharks went out. So, Rigdon went home with 100% of her company, but she also took home one Shark’s valuable time and advice.

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Success and Fame Outside the Tank

Spatty Daddy Says Daymond John Kept Promise After Shark Tank

Rigdon initially packaged the products and did all the work herself, with the assistance of her husband and parents.

Still worked a full-time job as a speech and language pathologist when the episode aired and had no employees,” she says.

She remembers working all day and then coming home and answering emails until two to three in the morning for several weeks. Once I got a product to ship out, the husband and her parents would package until midnight or later for a minimum of a week to get all the orders out.

Rigdon, who may be a mom of two young daughters, remains busy. As a full-time mom and entrepreneur, she features a lot on her plate. then does the Spatty.

The merchandise has done great over the years and is in many outlets across the U.S., including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Kinney Drugs, Albertsons, Harmon, and wonder Bridge.

The handy spatula is available for online shopping on,,, and, ranking in good numbers.

“Spatty is out there in Bed Bath & Beyond in Canada and will be in QVC in Europe later this year,” Rigdon says, adding, “It is additionally with several distributors: L&R, C&S, Certco, Ahold, and Imperial.”

With impressive sales of $2.0 million since the Shark Tank episode, Rigdon has sold over 500,000 pieces and says 2019 will be a “fantastic year for Spatty.”

“I need to thank Ant Hill Retail for helping me get the Spatty on shelves in stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond and

Bentonville Merchants and Colemon Brooks helped me get the Spatty into Walmart. Pitch Deck Partners has been amazing with dramatically increasing my sales on Amazon, too,” a grateful Rigdon expresses.

What’s New for the Spatty?

Rigdon isn’t leaving any stone unturned in putting her innovation on the map; therefore, the Spatty has picked up the pace with many Americans. And with two little girls occupying her most of the day, she features a tightly packed schedule.

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She does most of the work at night after the kids go to bed. Usually up till midnight working, but being a night person works well for her. Her husband also helps out plenty to provide quiet time to work and keeps the kids entertained.

The Spatty and Spatty Daddy have both been doing great within the market. So much so that Rigdon says they are slowly becoming a staple product.

She remains covert about any future Spatty news and updates, but she does tell us that the brand is in talks with a “large company” on a deal that will finalize soon.

She says her family has been her biggest support, and she gets things done knowing that she’s fully backed at home.

The advice she might give to budding entrepreneurs is to go for it. She didn’t want to look back years later and wonder, ‘what if.’ we’ve one life on this earth, so take an opportunity but know it takes a lot of work. you’ve got to be willing to put in the long hours, sweat, and tears.

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