Sister Wives Teases Christine and Kody Brown’s Split as Season 17 Premiere Date Is Announced


People’s exclusive look at the teaser reveals that the new season of Sister Wives will explore how the family dynamic of the Browns has changed since Kody and Christine’s divorce.

Based on the preview for the next season, Season 17 of Sister Wives seems to be about Christine and Kody Brown’s breakup.

While the promotional material leaves much to the imagination, it appears that season 17 will focus on the aftermath of Christine’s decision to end her 25-year marriage to Kody.

‘Sister Wives’: Season 17 Premiere Date

The debut date for season 17 of Sister Wives has officially fallen… literally.

On Friday, TLC released a 10-second teaser with four wedding bands surrounding the “I” in “Wives.” When one of the wedding rings falls, the movie zooms out and the song crescendos to a “dong” accompanied by dramatic music. After the ring falls off, the debut date of September 11 is revealed.


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The teaser shows the premiere date right after the fourth ring of the “I” in “Wives” falls off. This suggests that the new episodes will deal with Christine Brown’s divorce from Kody Brown.

Christine decided to leave Kody at the season finale the previous year, citing a lack of intimacy as the cause for the split.

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“It’s ended. The intimate phase of our marriage has ended, said Christine, 49. “And to be completely candid, I’m not okay with that. I cannot remain in a marriage where there is no intimacy. This is not a genuine marriage. I am not interested in a half or half marriage.

Teaser for Season 17 of ‘Sister Wives’ Hints at Christine and Kody Brown’s Split

Kody, who is 53 years old, said in the one-on-one reunion special that he was “still in the grieving process” after he and Christine broke up. He said he didn’t know Christine had doubts about their marriage.

Sister Wives

“I had no idea she would say, ‘Oh, I no longer want to be married to Kody,'” he explained. “I had heard rumors through my children that she had been tossing things around, and even from other women who said, ‘Oh, she’s always threatened to leave.’ And I’m thinking, “Why am I in the dark?”

Based on the couple’s comments about no longer having a romantic relationship, some fans have suggested that Meri Brown may be the next to divorce Kody, who is also married to Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown.

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On April 20, 2021, episode of Sister Wives, Kody stated that he and Meri are no longer “in love,” indicating that they no longer have an intimate relationship.

“If she wants romantic love, there must be a spark between them. And from that, she will gain romance, love, and a complete marriage and sexual relationship, “he said.

Meri, who married Kody in 1990, has stated that she will not leave despite their divorce. It basically boiled down to the fact that we are friends, which I suppose is a good thing. In a December episode of the show, she commented on her relationship with Kody, “It’s a good thing.” However, I don’t know. I think I just have higher expectations.

She continued, “If I give up and walk away, nothing will improve. I’m not leaving, you guys. You are trapped with me, whether or not you like it. “

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