Sherwood TV Series 2022 Release Date , Story Line And Review

Sherwood TV Release Date Story Line And Review

Rated as one of the best thrillers, where crime speaks for the characters playing the role.  “Sherwood”  aired on 13th June 2022 . It is the BBC’s new and must-watch drama, portraying the Miner Strike in the year 1984-85  which was an attempt by mine workers to force stop National Coal Board (NCB) and the then Prime  Minister, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher to shut down coal mines.

Series Feedback

This certainly applies to Sherwood, a dark and ambitious BBC drama that wraps its procedural investigation into the dark legacy of the 1980s miners’ strike. Before the first victim is killed, the series introduces us in a victorious way: Gary (Alun Armstrong), a frank grandfather proudly remembers his impressive past and is cheerful and unforgiving.

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Story Line

This is the main storyline. Graham, author of The Uncivil War and Quiz, one of Britain’s greatest playwrights, Ink, Finding Neverland, and Brexit, reiterates the event with a subtle knowledge of the region’s history and people.

However, Sherwood’s focus is based on a real-life murder in 2004 near Ashfield in Nottingham, where screenwriter James Graham grew up.

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Murder Inspired Story

The story is based on Nottinghamshire Mining community where the Killings of Keith Frogson and Chanel Taylor was picturized. In 2004, Frogson , a key member of NUM, was brutally killed by miner Robert Boyer.

Boyer hid in the Sherwood Forest, and two weeks later he returned to Frogson’s house, where his daughter and son-in-law were, set on fire. However, the couple remained unharmed.


The second murder took place at the same time and the murderer, another miner Terry Rogers was also hiding in Sherwood Forest.  Rogers shot and killed his daughter Chanel Taylor, who was walking down the aisle just a few weeks ago.

The manhunt was the largest in British history. Rogers escaped the police for 17 days before being found in the woods, but Boyer was arrested shortly thereafter.

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Turning Point

Boyer was found guilty and was sent to jail but due to detreating mental health was referred to a mental hospital. He had misunderstood Forgson as a senior member of NUM and was imagining a completely different idea of what Frogson had to play during the strike.  ”


Of course, beyond the legacy of spy police officers across Britain, the story gained additional relevance due to recent strike actions by national railroad staff.

The confession in Episode 4 by a lawyer and National Union of Mineworkers activist Jennifer Hale (played by Lindsey Duncan), referring to the government’s crackdown on coal mineworker strikes in the 1980s, leaves a lasting impression.

They wanted to change the political situation in this country from collectivism to deregulation of market power. Reasonable people may or may not agree with this change. The important thing is that they needed a war to get it. “

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