Seattle Earthquake Could Produce 42 Foot Tsunami Near Seattle Fault As Shown By Simulation

Seattle Earthquake Could Produce 42 Foot Tsunami Near Seattle Fault As Shown By Simulation

A recent simulation study showed that 42-foot-tall tsunami waves could be generated by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake on the Seattle Fault. According to a new report from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, there is a correlation between climate change and the spread of infectious diseases (DNR).

These waves would reach Seattle in just three minutes, extending inland as far as T-Mobile Park or Lumen Field. During that time period, waves would pound the shores of Bainbridge Island, Elliott Bay, and Alki Point on the island’s eastern side.

Tsunami wave of 42 feet possible in Seattle if over 7.5 magnitude earthquake hits | Al Arabiya English

In order to assist local and state emergency managers and planners, the Washington Geological Survey division carried out the study.

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The Simulation Study: Let’s Go Through The Details

The study also found that a tsunami would cause over 20 feet of flooding along the Seattle coast. According to the DNR, the study found that although flooding would be lower than in previous studies, waves could travel up to three miles inland at the Port of Tacoma.

Why you should be prepared: 3 big earthquake threats in PNW |

There will be more tsunami flooding near the Seattle Fault than anywhere else in the Salish Sea. But the new study shows increased shoreline flooding and stronger currents from Blaine to Olympia. The city of Seattle sits directly on Puget Sound, which the Seattle Fault cuts through.

A theory of a "mega-tsunami" that wipes out the East Coast was widely  debunked. Yet it persists. – The Virginian-Pilot

According to a state report, “Earthquake would trigger 20-foot tsunami in Seattle within three minutes.” This is not the 20-30 minute wave that will hit the coast of Washington. In some places, this will happen in a matter of seconds. As a thrust fault, the ground rose and fell 20 feet when this fault last erupted.

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The Earthquake Scenario: “Very large, low probability”

NOAA Center for Tsunami Research - Simulated Tsunami Event - Cascadia Tsunami

An “extremely large and unlikely” magnitude 7.5 earthquake along the Seattle Fault that runs east-west through Puget Sound and through downtown Seattle was used as the basis for the earthquake simulations. According to the DNR, the fault has been the source of several recorded earthquakes. It does not take a local tsunami triggered by a landslide caused by an earthquake into account in the model, according to the DNR.

Many people associate tsunamis with the Pacific coast and the communities that line it. “Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz noted that earthquakes on Puget Sound faults have a long history. Tsunami waves from the Seattle Fault have been less frequent than those from the Cascadia subduction zone, but the consequences could still be devastating. Having the information that these communities require preparing and respond is therefore critical.

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