Sean Connery’s Comments About Slapping Women Arise After His Death

Sean Connery will be remembered for many great movie roles, like his five times as James Bond and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. However, after his death on Saturday, his old comments about slapping women came back to light.

In an interview with Playboy, Connery first mentioned hitting women in November 1965. He told the publication, “I don’t see anything intrinsically wrong with hitting a lady, but I don’t recommend doing it the same way you would punch a man.”

Connery regarded an “openhanded slap” as “legal” and indicated that it may be employed “if all other options fail and enough notice is given,” adding, “If a woman is constantly a b*tch, hysterical, or bloodthirsty, then I would do it.”

Controversial Comments


Several critics turned to Twitter to remind the public of James Bond actor Sean Connery’s previous views, including actor Bradley Whitford, who tweeted, “Sean Connery seems fine.” Beating women without remorse is not cool. “

Sean Connery was a well-liked actor. In addition, he was an abuser, a misogynist, and a proponent of violence against women. The system allowed him to enjoy a lengthy and distinguished career. It’s acceptable to criticize, “a woman tweeted over the weekend.

In 1987, during an interview with Barbara Walters, he elaborated on his comments to Playboy. I’ve not changed my mind… If they have done everything else—and women are quite adept at this—they are unable to let go of it. They want the last word, and you give it to them, but they are dissatisfied with it. “If they want to repeat it again and create a truly provocative situation, I think it’s perfectly acceptable,” he remarked.

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Six years after his interview with Barbara Walters, the actor spoke with Vanity Fair about his beliefs. “However, I meant to suggest that slapping a woman is hardly the rudest thing that can be done to her. “I said in my book that it is considerably worse to psychologically hurt someone, to put them in such distress that they come to actually loathe themselves,” he explained. “Occasionally, ladies will fight to the bitter end. They seek the final confrontation; they desire to be struck.

Then, in 2006, he attempted to argue that his previous statements were misunderstood. According to me, no amount of violence toward women is ever acceptable under any circumstances. He told the London Times, “full stop.”

In the same year, his first wife, Diane Cilento, to whom he was married from 1962 until 1973, published her autobiography, My Nine Lives, in which she claimed that Connery had physically and mentally tortured her during their marriage. He had previously disputed the charges.

“There was physical touch, but the context must be considered.” You must recall that he was likely to double my weight. ” In 2006, she told The Scotsman.

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In 1975, the actor wed his second wife, the French-Moroccan artist Micheline Roquebrune. In October 2011, Cilento, who shared Connery’s son Jason, passed away. Saturday night, Connery passed away in his sleep while staying in the Bahamas. He was 90. There was no indication as to the cause of death.

A representative for the actor informed PEOPLE that his wife Micheline and sons Jason and Stephane confirmed that he died quietly in his sleep surrounded by family. Once the virus has been eradicated, there will be a private celebration followed by a memorial that has yet to be built.

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