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Scott Boras is a well-known negotiator and one of the most powerful sports agents in the United States. Attorney-turned-businessman Boras owns the world-renowned Boras Corporation, the top baseball agent in the world. Athletes rely on him to help them with their professional contracts, payments, endorsements, and other commercial arrangements.

Net Worth

As an American sports agent, Scott Boras’ net worth is $450 million. The Boras Corporation, created by Scott Boras, is one of the most successful sports agencies in the world. His reputation as “the world’s most powerful sports agent” is well-deserved. When it comes to money, he’s had a considerably more successful career than the sportsmen he represents. More than 175 well-known baseball stars are among his many clients.

Early Life

His birth was on November 2, 1952, in Sacramento, California, to Dean Scott Boras and Mary Jane Boras . In Elk Grove, California, he was raised by a dairy farmer’s father. Boras was a walk-on for the baseball team at the University of the Pacific. This award is named after him, and the Pacific Athletics Hall of Fame was established in his honor in 1995. 

Boras was selected to the Florida State League All-Star team in 1975. He had to retire early, though, due to knee issues. Scott Boras graduated from the University of the Pacific with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. In 1982, Boras returned to the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law to earn his Juris Doctor degree.

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Before becoming a lawyer, Boras worked as an associate in the pharmaceutical defense department of the Chicago firm Rooks & Poust (now Dykema Gossett), defending pharmaceutical firms from class-action lawsuits. He was given a place in the university’s hall of fame for setting multiple records and having a batting average of 0.312 in 1972. After that, he spent four years in minor league baseball, where he eventually reached the All-Star team of the Florida State League. 

Although he was forced to retire due to knee problems, his stint as a baseball player surely prepared him for a profession as a sports agent later in life. After retiring from baseball, he earned a Juris Doctor degree from McGeorge School of Law in 1982, being the first African-American to do so. At a later point in his career, he would help defend large pharmaceutical companies in courtroom battles..

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Personal Life

In spite of the fact that Scott strives to keep the majority of his private life out of the public eye. However, we have been able to learn a little more about Boras’s personal life. Jeanette Boras is Scott Boras’ wife. It was on 29 June 1985 that the pair exchanged their vows. Natalie Boras, a daughter, and Shane and Trent Boras, sons, were born into the couple’s union. The University of Southern California educated all three of my children.

Scott Boras denies Xander Bogaerts/Stephen Drew conspiracy – Boston Herald


Boras was already working as a sports agent before he received his degree. Mike Fischlin of the Cleveland Indians and Bill Caudill of the Seattle Mariners were among the athletes he represented after earning a law degree. By the early 1980s, Boras had decided that baseball was the career path he wanted to pursue. In 1983, he helped Caudill sign a $7.5 million contract, one of the largest in the industry at the time.

Boras became synonymous with the Boras Corporation after its initial success. By establishing a sports agency, he was able to build on his initial success by representing new clients and enhancing his reputation as a fierce negotiator who could help athletes earn even more money. While representing players in the 1980s, Boras was able to secure record-breaking signing bonuses for his clients.  Todd Van Poppel, a high school pitcher, received a $1.2 million contract from him in 1990. 

Scott Boras says Nationals' Juan Soto offer wasn't in 'range of consideration' | RSN

Brien Taylor, a high school prospect, received a $1.5 million signing bonus from him in 1991. The Atlanta Braves and Scott Boras agreed to a $28 million contract for Greg Maddux in 1992. The agreement set a number of new benchmarks. In 1996, the agent began taking advantage of loopholes in MLB rules. A loophole in the draught procedure allowed him to remove Matt White and Bobby Seay from the selection process, allowing them to sign more lucrative contracts. 

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Major League Baseball had to amend its regulations as a result of this. If Boras’ activities continue, it won’t be the first time that the organization has changed its policies. J.D. Drew was forced to leave the Major League Baseball in 1997, signed with the St. Paul Saints, and then re-entered the draught to sign with the St. Louis Cardinals for an inflated amount under another obscure provision. This loophole has been closed once again by the MLB.

Scott Boras Did This to Himself - The Turf

It wasn’t long before Boras signed Greg Maddux to a contract that pushed his salary beyond the $50 million mark and made him the highest-paid player in baseball. After just a year, he was able to negotiate a $100 million contract, doubling his previous success. The agent’s record-breaking streak would continue for years to come. His $252 million contract with Alex Rodriguez is one of his most significant accomplishments. 

Bryce Harper signed a $330 million deal with him in 2019. A $324 million agreement with Gerrit Cole was struck in the same year. There are numerous examples of Boras’ negotiating prowess to be found. In many situations, his bargains defy logic – especially when he’s representing players with seemingly little market worth, such as those who are wounded, old, or extremely new to the game.


Boras Corporation subsidiaries provide money for Scott Boras, as well as for the Boras Corporation itself. Boras Marketing and the Boras Training Institute are a couple of examples. An MIT-trained economist, an investment team, and sports psychologists are just some of the highly qualified employees at Boras. The scouting efforts of Scott Boras span the globe in search of new talent.


Scott Boras has been the target of a lot of criticism over the past few decades. While working as a sports agent, his primary goal is to make as much money as possible for each of his clients. Baseball’s perceived “morals,” as well as the success and health of individual teams, often conflict with these ideals. Boras has come under fire from both baseball fans and officials for his alleged prioritization of personal wealth over the game’s quality of play.

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A 5 per cent fee is paid to Scott for every contract his clients’ sign with him. For example, he negotiated contracts totaling $1.88 billion for several clients between September 2017 and September 2018. He earned $105 million in commissions from those transactions. Scott negotiated the following transactions over the course of a week in December 2019:

  • Stephen Strasburg will be paid $245 million dollars (from the Nationals)
  • Gerrit Cole gets a $324 million payday (from the Yankees)
  • Anthony Rendon was paid $245 million (from the Angels)

When agency fees are taken into account, Scott Boras has taken a “cut” of $40.7 million. An agent’s earnings potential in one week can be seen clearly in this example.


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