“Salty” Retta Throws Blame for ‘Good Girls’ Cancellation: “One Person Ruined it for All of Cast and Crew”


Earlier this week, Retta expressed her sorrow about the disastrous finale of her beloved crime comedy, Good Girls, on Live with Kelly and Ryan. She even went so far as to attribute the complete failure of the show to an unnamed production worker. When Kelly Ripa questioned Retta, who played Ruby Hill on the show, about whether Good Girls will return, she did not name names but did assign blame.”

“It is not”, Retta affirmed. Ripa questioned, “If one person ruins it for cast and crew, can you just get rid of the one person and then bring in another person?” Retta, however, was practical and replied, “I think it was a little too close to when they would have to start and figure out story, so no,” before adding, “trust me Kelly, I’m salty!”

Retta Is Still 'Salty' About 'Good Girls' Cancellation - reporterwings

Even Retta acknowledged that she had thought of a strategy to avoid the unidentified issue individually and continue filming Good Girls, saying, “I was literally like, okay, maybe there was a bomb scare at some point and then a bomb actually went off, and that’s why that person is gone.”

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Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, Reno Wilson, Manny Montana, Lidya Jewett, Isaiah Stannard, and Matthew Lillard are among the other actors that appear in Good Girls, in addition to Retta. Plans to relocate Good Girls to Netflix after NBC cancelled the programme never materialized. The show originally debuted in 2018 and ran for four seasons before being cancelled last year before Season 5.

Retta From "Good Girls" Blamed "One Person" In The Cast For Getting The Show Canceled | Flipboard

TV Line claimed last year that Retta, Hendricks, and Whitman had apparently all agreed to pay reductions for a hypothetical fifth season that would be cut short. Still, the programme was cancelled permanently before filming could start.

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Montana may have been the person, according to TV Line’s claim, even though Retta did not mention the name of the person who “ruined” Good Girls Season 5 during her interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Negotiations over salary and scheduling with Montana reportedly broke down shortly after the cancellation of Good Girls was announced, according to TV Line.


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