Police in Rotherham Seize £11 Million Worth of Cannabis Plants in 10 Months

Over the past 10 months, Rotherham has seen the seizure of cannabis plants with a street value of at least £11 million.

According to South Yorkshire Police, Operation Grow started to take on cannabis farms because of the regular power outages that are thought to be brought on by the illegal setups.

11,053 plants had been found and nearly 100 warrants had been carried out.

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Operation Grow to Take on Cannabis farms

Sokol Shabani, 31, was arrested during the most recent raid and sentenced to 18 months in prison for cultivating over 300 cannabis plants.

Following the execution of a search warrant at a former jeweler on Rotherham’s Effingham Street, Shabani was taken into custody.

According to a police spokesperson, on June 8, when authorities entered the residence, they found more than 300 cannabis plants spread across six sizable rooms.

On July 29, Shabani, who has no known residence, received a sentence at Sheffield Crown Court.

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In addition to ordering the destruction of the drugs, Judge Recorder Richard Woolfall directed that the £250 taken from Shabani during his arrest be used to further police activities.

“Cannabis farms can have a significant negative impact on local residents and businesses quality of life, as well as frequently being linked to organized crime and the exploitation of vulnerable people who are made to look after the farms for gangs,” said Temporary Sgt. Matt Smith of South Yorkshire Police.

What does the word “cannabis” mean?

Cannabis is the collective name for a trio of psychoactive plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis.

One of the most widely used medications in the world is produced by harvesting and drying the blossoms of these plants. Some refer to it as marijuana, while others refer to it as weed or pot.

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Names for weed are changing as it becomes legal in more places. Today, a growing number of people use the term “cannabis” to describe marijuana.

Some contend that the name is more accurate. They believe it to be more neutral than names like “weed” or “pot,” which some associate with its illicit use. Due to its racial past, the term “marijuana” is also losing favor.

Most people use cannabis for its soothing and sedating properties. It is also prescribed to treat a number of medical disorders in several U.S. states, including chronic pain, glaucoma, and low appetite.

What elements makeup cannabis?

There are more than 120 cannabinoids—components of cannabis—in all. Each cannabinoid’s function is yet unknown to experts, although two of them, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol, are quite well understood (THC).

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