Robyn Dixon: Monique Samuels Was Good for RHOP + Gizelle Bryant Shades


Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon did not like how Monique Samuels made them feel. When Monique Samuels was a cast member of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon did not get along well with her. When Gizelle and Monique first met, there was conflict.

Gizelle enquired as to whether Monique and Chris Samuels already owned a home after she revealed that they were looking for a house in Potomac. Monique continued by telling Gizelle that she had four children in total. Gizelle perceived Monique to be haughty, and after their conversation, she lost all interest in trying to get to know Monique.

Gizelle later admitted to Monique after an altercation that Chris was the only reason she was on RHOP. She, therefore, believed that Monique needed to be humble. Because Monique’s brother used to manage a fan page for her and disparaged Robyn on social media, there was friction between Robyn and Monique.

They rose in front of each other towards the climax of their drama. If Robyn would not retract, Monique vowed to choke her to death with an umbrella. Robyn refused to retreat, but fortunately, both women were restrained. Fans’ support for Candiace Dillard following her argument with Monique was expected, given Monique’s relationships with Robyn and Gizelle in the past.

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The Green-Eyed Bandits just discussed Monique on their podcast, which is interesting. Monique was deemed suitable for the show, they added. When she departed RHOP, Monique Samuels sparked a lot of discussions. “Real Housewives of Potomac” was followed by “Love & Marriage: DC,” according to Monique Samuels.

Being a part of the group became more difficult after her argument with Candiace Dillard. Karen Huger and Ashley Darby were her sole allies. She no longer filmed alongside Wendy Osefo, Robyn Dixon, or Gizelle Bryant. In fact, Gizelle hired security. She claimed she was concerned for her security.

At the reunion, Monique did, however, exact revenge on Gizelle. She revealed a binder. And while he was supposed to be getting back together with Gizelle, she charged Jamal Bryant with entertaining another lady. Social media users went crazy at the critical moment. The clips attracted some viewers who had avoided the show before Candiace and Monique’s breakup.

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It should come as no surprise that Gizelle disliked being the target of Monique’s binder. Robyn and Gizelle did not lament Monique’s departure. Both agreed that Monique was a fantastic addition to RHOP, though. On “Reasonably Shady,” Carlos King recently made an appearance. Additionally, he was taught he could question his best friends.

“Would y’all say Monique Samuels was good for the show?” he enquired. Monique Samuels was a terrific fit for the show, according to Robyn Dixon.

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Robyn responded, “When we filmed the show and Season 1 was about to premiere, I said we don’t have any color on this show. I said we’re too light-skinned. We need some brown-skinned people on the show. And I said people aren’t going to connect with us. I said people who are used to watching Atlanta are not going to connect with us because they’re just going to see a cast full of light-skinned people. So when Monique was casted, I was so happy.”

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“I was so happy to see a beautiful, brown-skinned woman cast on our show that’s living the Potomac life they wanted to see. I thought she was a fabulous addition to our show. Not for just that reason alone but I thought that was so important for people to see that. And for them to be able to connect with us and do I think she was a good addition to the show? Yeah. We had success so…a lot of people tuned in. They saw Monique and they said, ‘Oh, let me watch this show and see what it’s about.’”

Additionally, Robyn believed that viewers could identify with Monique: “And then people were able to appreciate the show for what it was and not look at the show and say I can’t relate to anyone. So just for that reason alone, I think she was a great addition.” Gizelle concurred but offered some criticism. “So I agree with everything Robyn said but currently, she’s exactly where she should be which is with you on another network.”


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