‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne’s ‘out of control’ drinking is called up by Lisa Rinna


Lisa Rinna had to intervene when Erika Jayne’s drinking got out of hand on the July 27 episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. However, let us go back to the beginning first. Last week’s episode ended with Diana Jenkins’ holiday party, which was the setting for this week’s episode.

Erika’s nasty interruption of Diana’s husband’s vocal performance came after she made some foolish comments about Crystal Kung Minkoff’s eating condition. As soon as he asked everyone to sit down for him to sing a festive song, Erika got up and started singing with him. The looks on everyone’s faces showed how upset they were, even though no one had begged her to stop.

And not long before that, Kathy Hilton had already warned a few of Erika’s female friends that she was “getting out of control.” Erika. Inquiring about Paris Hilton’s well-being, Erika had asked Kathy. It is also worth mentioning that she apologized for not being able to attend Paris’ wedding activities, saying she did not want to attend the parties and bringing up the fact that she is in the middle of a legal battle.

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Kyle Richards and Garcelle Beauvais were informed by Kathy that Erika’s behavior had deteriorated to the point where they had to leave the house. Garcelle disagreed with Kyle’s suggestion that they should be lenient with Erika. Diana apologized to Garcelle later in the party for her outburst at her birthday celebration.

As a result of Diana’s apologies, Garcelle appears to be moving on a better path with her friendship with Garcelle. Sutton Stracke’s absence from the celebration may also have contributed to the lack of festive cheer. She tested positive for COVID just 30 minutes before the party, so she had to miss it and spend Christmas alone.

Lisa went over to Erika’s after Christmas and had an open discussion regarding Erika’s recent actions. Erika admitted that she blacked out, injured her head, and vomited when she got home from Diana’s party. Erika agreed with Lisa when she said Lisa was “out of control” at Diana’s party.

“It can not happen again,” stated Erika, referring to her own behavior as “reckless.” “Trauma” and her divorce husband Tom Girardi and their ongoing legal struggle have taken their toll on her. Still, she realizes she must adjust her behavior and stop drinking so much while taking antidepressants. Garcelle was pleased to hear Erika’s improved attitude when she shared it with her later.

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Things had gotten out of hand, and she wanted to see Erika get a handle on things. However, Erika’s more enlightened thinking is making her question Sutton’s intentions once more. When Garcelle confided in her that Sutton was a liability, she warned her to be cautious.

In other news, Dorit Kemsley was not pleased with her husband PK’s brush with the law—especially after he hid his arrest from her for a full day—so she made her sentiments known — he is never to lie to her. Again. As a result, Sutton went on a second Bumble date with the guy she met earlier this month.


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