Recreational Marijuana Initiative Could Land in Florida’s Ballot

Recreational Marijuana Initiative Could Land in Florida's Ballot

A new industry-led campaign in Florida on Monday submitted a marijuana legalization initiative targeted for a 2024 vote. A previous attempt to legalize adult use on the Florida ballot was challenged and overruled by the state Supreme Court. The proposed amendment’s language states that it will avoid such competition and win. The initiative is supported by Trulieve, the state’s largest supplier of medical cannabis, and musicians from the country band The Bellamy Brothers.

New Florida Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed For 2024 Ballot, With Backing Of State’s Largest Medical Cannabis Company.

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Medical Cannabis Constitutional Amendment, 2016.

If the bill is approved, existing medical cannabis companies like Trulieve will be able to start selling marijuana to all adults over the age of 21. It includes a provision that allows legislators to take steps to license additional companies but is not required to do so.

According to the draft bill, home cultivation by consumers is not allowed. The campaign submitted documents Monday to seek approval to begin collecting signatures from the state elections office, the Florida news service first reported.

To qualify for the 2024 election, activists will need to collect approximately 900,000 valid signatures from registered voters. Under the proposal, adults over the age of 21 could purchase and possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis, of which as many as 5 grams could be marijuana concentrate products.

The tripartite bill also omits supporter-friendly judicial provisions, such as expungements and other remedies for those with cannabis convictions.

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Florida voters approved a 2016 constitutional amendment to medical marijuana, but subsequent attempts to seek broader legalization on the ballot were defeated by the state Supreme Court, which voted Make It Legal Florida and Sensible It ruled that the wording of Florida’s proposed action was misleading. their invalidity. “All initiatives have provided some degree of learning,” Rivers told the Florida State News Service. “This initiative has prompted the authors to carefully review and consider the Supreme Court’s rulings on previous efforts. We think it’s a very good and focused change that gives legislators the right amount of leeway. ”

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Allows adults over the age of 21 to smoke, consume, or otherwise possess, purchase, or use marijuana products and marijuana accessories for non-medical personal use. Allow medical marijuana treatment centers and other federally licensed facilities to acquire, grow, process, manufacture, sell, and distribute such products and supplies. Florida law applies. It does not remedy or excuse violations of federal law. Set the ownership limit for personal use.

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