Is There Season 3 For Ragnarok? Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Cancelled, Or Confirmed!

Ragnarok Season 3 Release Date

Ragnarok is coming back with a new season soon. However, there is no confirmation about the dates from the makers to date.

The audience accepted both the previous seasons of Ragnarok and now wants some more from the screenwriters.

Ragnarok Season 3 Release Date

Moreover, the makers got an unbelievable response from millions of viewers from various corners. It is one of the achievements for the cast and crew to gain such recognition within such a short time.

Ragnarok Season 3

Ragnarok is full of action and drama, and the viewer will enter a fantasy world after watching this Norwegian series. The ending with a cliffhanger often attracts the audience to wait eagerly for the next part.

It is a similar case with the amazing TV series. After Season 2 ended with a twist, there was no doubt that Ragnarok would return with Season 3. Now, the time has come to let you know more in this regard.

The expected time for the third season’s release is late 2022 to early 2023.

Background Of Ragnarok

Ragnarok: Is Season 3 Still Happening? Here's What We Know

The creator of the Norwegian Television series Ragnarok is Adam Price. You will get a mixed bag with this amazing series that includes suspense, drama, and even incredible events of fantasy.

The plot is based on an imaginary town called Edda, Norway. Being one of the high-voltage drama and fantasy series, Ragnarok succeeded in driving hundreds of audiences to watch it on Netflix.

There are six episodes in each of the previous seasons of this series. Hence, the audience can expect a similar number of series in the case of the third season also. However, it may change as the makers have not confirmed the release date yet.

Cast Of Season 3

Ragnarok season 3 potential Netflix release date, cast and more

The cast will remain almost the same in the third season. The expected names are here:

  • Magne Seir- David Stakston
  • Fjor- Herman Tommeraas
  • Gry- Emma Bones
  • Laurits Seir- Jonas Strand Gravli
  • Vidar- Gisli Orn Garoarsson
  • Ran- Synnove Macody Lund
  • Erik Eidsvoll- Odd-Magnus Williamson
  • Turid Seier- Henriette Steenstrup
  • Saxa- Theresa Frostad Eggesbo
  • Isolde Eidsvoll- Ylva Bjorkas Thedin
  • Wenche- Eli Anne Linnestad
  • Harry- Benjamin Helstad
  • Wotan Wagner- Bjorn Sundquist
  • Iman Reza- Danu Sunth
  • Signy- Billie Barker

Story So Far

Ragnarok' Season 2: Coming to Netflix in May 2021 & What to Expect - What's  on Netflix

Ragnarok is Scandinavian mythology that portrays a great battle between the Good and the Evil. Here the Gods will try their best to defeat the Demons to save the world from the untimely end.

The Norwegian series Ragnarok is influenced by this concept and displays a fantasy story involving the fight between the positive and the negative energies.

Season 2 showed Magne losing all his powers. However, he felt relieved when he understood that God was always there with him. Unfortunately, Fjor succeeded in knocking him down as Magne was now without special powers.

Moreover, Magne’s request did not become fruitful when he went to Odin to regain his superpowers. The primary culprit behind this is Harry, who has succeeded Iman.

Magne knows that there is no other option to save the world and themselves without acquiring the powers back. Therefore, he started making every effort to fulfill this motive.

However, the path is very challenging. So, it is highly interesting to watch the subsequent turn of events when he continues to request Odin to get the lost powers back.

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