Rachel Robinson Net Worth, 100th Birthday, Family, and Much More

Former professional nurse Rachel Robinson has a net worth of over $10 million. Rachel Robinson was born in July 1922 in Los Angeles. She was married to Jackie Robinson from 1946 to 1972 when he died after 26 of being married.

Rachel’s Net Worth

She has a fortune of $10 million. A master’s degree in psychiatric nursing from New York University was her next step after her husband’s professional baseball career ended. Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Department of Social and Community Psychiatry employed her as a researcher and clinician. At Yale School of Nursing, she served as an assistant professor before moving to Connecticut Mental Health Center, where she served as the director of nursing.


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So, at the moment, Rachel Robinson lives in Salem, CT. She has a long list of accomplishments and accolades to her name. Commissioner Bud Selig presented her with the Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award in 2007. Also, in 2009, UCLA honoured her with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Twelve honorary doctorates have been bestowed upon her for her contributions, including the Candace Award for Distinguished Service from the National Coalition of one hundred black women (NC100), the Equitable Life Black Achiever’s Award, and the Associated Black Charities Black History Makers Award.

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The Robinson Family

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As a student at UCLA, Rachel Robinson met Jackie Robinson, the man she married. Jackie Robinson Jr. (1946–1971), Sharon Robinson (b. 1950), and David Robinson (1946–1971) were born to the couple one year after she graduated from college (b. 1952). So, when he was 24, their eldest son died in a car accident. Also, he was also a drug addict who sought treatment for his addictions. AS a result, Jackie Robinson became an anti-drug crusader because his son was an addict.

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Rachel Hit A ‘Century’

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It was Rachel Robinson’s 100th birthday on Tuesday, 19th July. Rachel Issum was born in Pasadena, California, in 1922. She is a professor, nurse, activist, and the founder of the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Also, Rachel received her nursing degree from UCLA in 1945, and Robinson met her there in 1940. So, it was a long and happy marriage, lasting until the baseball legend passed away in 1972.

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